Don’t Ever Talk to Cops: The Joey Meeks Story

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 22, 2015

Joey Meeks: Does this guy look like a threat to America to you?
Joey Meeks: Does this guy look like a threat to America to you?

Though there may be some good cops – I don’t know – the American federal police exist, as an institution, to hurt Americans.

Joey Meeks called the cops when he saw his friend Dylann Roof on TV as having shot-up a church. He wanted to help. The feds claim that he failed to mention that when Roof had gotten drunk, he had talked about “doing something” – they found this out later when he told them.

Now he may be facing prison time.


A man charged with not telling investigators all he knew about his friend — who’s accused of killing nine parishioners at a Charleston, South Carolina, church — is appearing for another bond hearing.

Joey Meek will appear before a federal judge Thursday where attorneys will ask to lower his $100,000 bond. Authorities say Meek lied to law officers and failed to report what he knew about Dylann Roof’s plans for the shootings.

Roof, who’s white, is charged with killing black parishioners at Emanuel AME Church.

$100,000 bond.

Though it is totally counter-intuitive to the White race, the people we are told are there to protect us are in fact there to trick us, to advance their careers by putting us in jail.

Again: Meeks would not be in this situation if he had told the cops “I want a lawyer.” He is in this situation because he tried to do the right thing.

Everyone needs to watch this, from beginning to end.