Don’t Ever Let a Bitch Get You Twisted Up

Remember: all women are the same, and their only value is based on their fertility and genetics.

However, some men can get twisted up by a bitch who has neither of those things. Prince Harry is the greatest example in all of history: his life was destroyed by a black bitch pushing forty.

Remember: if you think a bitch matters in some way, that is not a logical thought. It is chemicals in your brain trying to trick you into doing whatever you need to do to reproduce. However, it is unlikely that any specific bitch is even going to reproduce with you, so this chemical trick has no purpose – it’s just that your neurobiology isn’t aware of that.

All those emotions you feel are fake. Remember that. None of it is real. There is no such thing as “falling in love.” It is a chemical trick of your brain. Remember that. Never forget that. If you think you feel something for that bitch, you don’t really. These are totally fake emotions, no different than the ones induced by various drugs.

No one should ever come between you and your family, especially not some stupid, worthless bitch.


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s friend Tom Bradby has said Harry has been left ‘heartbroken by the situation with his family’ after quitting royal life and moving to America.

But Bradby, the ITV News at Ten anchor, also said the couple are ‘content’ with their new lives and are ‘quite excited’ by the things they are doing.

Speaking on an episode of Love Your Weekend With Alan Titchmarsh, which will air on Sunday, the broadcaster also stated that he thought Harry’s brother William did not find his position as Duke of Cambridge ‘easy’.

When asked if he thought Harry and Meghan seemed any happier in the US Bradby replied: ‘So are they unhappy? No, I think they are content, the things they are doing they are quite excited by.

‘I think he is heartbroken by the situation with his family, you don’t necessarily need to have knowledge to know that, but I think it is true.’

Harry and Meghan plunged the royal family into a period of crisis in January last year when they announced that they wanted to step back as senior royals and become financially independent.

In the months leading up to the couple’s bombshell announcement the rift in the royal family was laid bear when Harry said in an ITV documentary presented by Bradby that he and William were on ‘different paths’ and have good and bad days in their relationship.

‘Harry & Meghan: An African Journey’ saw the couple open up about their mental health struggles with the duchess admitting she was ‘not really ok’.

Yeah, that “African Journey” thing was nuts.

Why would they do that? Make this whole drama about the fact that she’s from Africa?

I guess that was the point?

Anyway: this is especially ridiculous because the bitch is literally black and 40 years old.

But ultimately, Price Harry’s situation isn’t really different than something that could happen with a teenage white girl.

You can’t let them have control, ever. You always have to be ready to just get up and walk out the door, or they will seize control. There is nothing that is worth losing over some bitch. A bitch is literally the most worthless thing on the planet earth; they are disloyal, they are amoral, they are sneaky, nihilistic, selfish, hateful and they love to destroy simply for the sake of destroying.

The single value is their womb, which is (at least for now…) necessary for the reproductive process. All of their power is built around that single unique ability to conceive and produce a child. Beyond that, they are monstrous, diabolical, demonic entities.

If you do end up in a stable relationship with one, who is producing your children, you need to still remain away from her as much as possible. Do not let her draw you into her traps, and do not consider her your “friend.” She is not your friend, and she will sell you down the river the first chance she gets, even if you’ve been married to her for 40 years.

You have to understand that: any emotion you have toward her is a fake emotion produced by your brain to keep you from killing her. Without your brain producing these chemicals, the natural response to basically anything a woman says or does would be to slit her throat and throw her in some ditch.

This is also why I tell men: don’t get serious with a woman that you’re especially attracted to. Obviously, don’t find some ugly freak or whatever, but don’t find one that you’re enthralled with. That just makes it more likely that she’s going to be able to work her spells and start using you for her own stupid, evil, nonsensical purposes.

Again, understand that: they don’t really have any clear agenda. They are chaos agents. They enjoy creating destruction and human suffering. Their minor schemes are to do cocaine and have sex with black men, their major schemes are to get money and destroy everything around them for no explainable reason. That’s pretty much all.

I’m very sorry to tell you this but yes: this includes your mother. Your father was right. I’m sure he did some bad things, made some bad decisions, but it wasn’t his fault. If he’s gone, try to get in touch with him. Tell him you understand, and it’s not his fault.

It should be something like this, except you’re the younger one:

We are all the eternal victims of these women, long before we were ever the victims of the Jews.

We have been the victims of these whores since day zero.

They destroyed Paradise, just because they could. They thought it would be fun.

The ultimate red pill is that after you realize how bad women truly are, you have to forgive your mother for what she did to your father, and to you, because there was literally nothing else she could have done. This is simply the nature of women. This is what they do: they manipulate and they destroy.

They don’t do it because they choose to.

As long as you think women are capable of being anything other than absolutely vile, you are going to be filled with womanish anger. You have to accept reality for what it is, and then just let it go.

Being angry at a woman for being an evil agent of doom and destruction is like being angry at water for being wet.