Don’t Buy Cheap Vibrators, Ladies – They Explode

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 12, 2019

Do these whores even check what it is that they’re putting inside of their holes?

Daily Mail:

A woman has launched a scathing attack against a sex toy company after a battery in her brand new vibrator exploded, hit the ceiling and then scorched her jumped.

Frustrated Cassie Esplin, 25, bought the Buzz Tongue Finger vibrator from online retailer for £4, reduced from £12, but claims when she picked it up the battery pack flew out with such force it hit the ceiling leaving a black mark.

The car dealership worker from Norwich said: ‘Thank God I wasn’t using it. It could have caused some damage. I jumped out of my skin I was in so much shock.

Oh, man, she was so close to being brutally patrolled! Bummer.

‘I just thought “oh my god what has just happened”. I was holding it close to my face and it could have hit my eyes. I could have been blinded by a £4 sex toy.’

What a degenerate.

Miss Esplin claims the battery – which appears to have corroded – then landed on her top, scorching her jumper and leaving a mark on her chest.

This “Miss Esplin” trash provided an example of expectations contrasted with reality.

I mean almost reality, because she’s drowned in makeup anyways. These decepticons are not satisfied with deceiving everyone with makeup, they also abuse photo filters, effects, lighting, and image editing programs.

She added: ‘I was going to try if for the first time and it made a really loud bang. I just froze. I was so shocked.

Miss Esplin bought her new sex toy in the January sales from the – the adult toys and lingerie website.

She has used toys before and said she chose this one on the recommendation of a friend.

Who do you think buys the most sex toys, men or women?

It happened when she was in her bedroom alone and minutes away from testing out her vibrator for the first time, she claims.

‘As soon as I put the batteries in it just exploded in my hand,’ she said. ‘Part of it hit the ceiling and landed on my chest.’

Do you think that not all women are like that?

Miss Esplin complained to who has offered her a full refund.

But she says she is now ‘too scared’ and may well be put off for having fun with toys for life.

‘I feel too scared in case something like this happens again,’ she said. ‘I couldn’t believe what happened.’

Yeah right.

Let’s get some answers.

Daily Mail, April 26, 2017:

Australia is the only nation where women buy more sex toys than men, according to new research.

In a survey of 400,000 people from Australia as well as Germany, Britain, France, Canada and America, retailer Lovehoney found women Down Under make up 52 per cent of the nation’s sex toy buyers.

In France, meanwhile, 58.4 per cent of sex toy buyers were male, while in the UK the split between male and female purchasers was roughly 50/50.

Despite stereotypes about men always thinking about sex, there’s not a very significant gap between sex toy purchases.

Huffington Post, August 16, 2012:

Where do Americans buy the most sex toys per capita? According to a new infographic created by the adult toy manufacturer Adam & Eve, not in the places you might think.

The company also found that Americans spend $15 billion on sex toys annually, that 44 percent of women 18 to 60 have used one, and that 78 percent of those women were in a relationship when they did.

Whores are out of control. The sexual liberation was a mistake. It turned them into full hedonists and by manipulating them into rejecting their only purpose, it cursed them with insatiability.

Do you think a woman living in a constant state of pregnancy that is completely owned by a man would even think about buying and inserting weird objects into her holes? She’d be too busy fantasizing about what her husband will do to her once he comes back from work and raising his children.

But Jews have corrupted our women, and corrupted behaviors are to be expected.

They’re debuting dildos at technology conventions now.

Daily Mail:

Sex toy-maker OhMiBod has everybody buzzing at CES this year with its latest Bluetooth-connected pleasure devices.

The wife and husband duo debuted a $119 new wearable vibrator that can vibrate and light up to the beat of whatever music you’re listening to, and will soon pair with Amazon’s Alexa for hands-free voice control.

The device, called Esca, works with OhiMiBod’s existing smartphone app, which allows you to tweak its vibration patterns – from custom tapping to the Tesla-inspired ‘Ludicrous mode’ – or control your partner’s experience from afar.

At CES, OhMiBod also announced its new remote intimacy Apple Watch app, which uses biofeedback to control the massagers and can even sync vibrations with a person’s heartbeat.

These disgusting inventions exist because women are desperate to fill a very hurting hole in their hearts, caused by an existential crisis. They have wombs and everything needed to make babies, they’re ready, but are told to wait out their fertility and avoid pregnancy.

This is extremely damaging to them and can’t be emphasized enough.

They’re told the one thing that is exclusive to them, pregnancy, is something they should avoid. They’re subtly told their nature is not acceptable and that they should be more like men, but they’re also told that men are pigs.


Daily Mail:

Could a Fitbit-style gadget REALLY replace The Pill? Makers of £249 ‘Ava’ fertility tracking bracelets say a new setting will warn women against sex when they’re most likely to conceive

Everything mainstream is brainwashing them into believing they should not be mothers.

Everything is telling them they should have been born male.

What are they supposed to do? They’re not strong enough to fight it. Numbing themselves through hollow orgasms and hedonism keeps them from facing the crisis taking place in their hearts.

Their minds can’t take it, and it’s not their fault. They’re weak, but valuable. Wombs are valuable. We can’t blame them for being stupid and useless pieces of shit after being brainwashed into being useless pieces of shit.

Without the Jews in the picture, we could train them properly, just as we’d train any dog.

Dogs that are raised properly are happy and useful, and they make their masters happy too.