“Don’t be a Sheep”: Sheriffs Rise Up Against Cuck Mask Dictatorship

Run for Sheriff in a rural white area, and run on a platform of not taking away everybody’s rights over a stupid flu.

This is the single biggest issue, and there is no possible way to lose on that platform.

My San Antonio:

Hours after Gov. Jay Inslee, D, ordered Washington state residents to cover their faces in public, a Republican sheriff in a rural swath of the state’s southwest suggested they should be doing no such thing.

“Here’s what I say,” Lewis County Sheriff Robert Snaza told the crowd outside a church Tuesday, carrying a megaphone and sporting his green and beige uniform but no face mask. “Don’t be a sheep.”

Few of the people cheering on Snaza covered their faces either, according to video of the scene taken by the Daily Chronicle of Centralia, Wash. Indeed, the words on a billboard above the crowd seemed to capture their feeling about the pandemic: “Oh, no! A virus. Quick – burn the bill of rights.”

He is not alone. In Nevada and North Carolina on Thursday, multiple sheriffs said their Democratic governors’ mask requirements were “unconstitutional and unenforceable.” After five California counties ignored a similar directive, Gov. Gavin Newsom, D, threatened to withhold state funds. Another Washington state sheriff called Inslee an “idiot.”

As they battle through viral Facebook posts and appearances on local TV and radio, these mostly Republican sheriffs have effectively blocked their governors’ orders. If they refuse to enforce their rules, it is unclear who else will.

The other issue is not standing down to rioters. There is no alternative universe where people would say that actually, they prefer cuck muzzles and black looting, and so they will vote for the other guy.

As long as you present yourself acceptably, and you work enough at communication to make people understand your election in those terms, you will win.

You don’t have to have any experience with police work. It’s a boss position. If you are really too low charisma for this kind of thing, then pick an Alpha Chad from your church group or anywhere, sell him on doing this, and be his campaign manager. Be his Reverse Jared Kushner.

Then, when things get real down the road, you will be (or be in the inner circle of) the “town sheriff” character in all those zombie apocalypse movies, where the sheriff turns into the de facto local war chief.

It’ll be great.

In fact, don’t just run for Sheriff. Run for any position at all. You will win. Get a group of friends together, and run for everything. These are paid positions and you literally cannot lose. You will run the entire local government when the apocalypse happens.

This is very, very simple and you just need to go make it happen. Go downtown, look up how to apply to run for these positions, file your papers and then start knocking on doors. If you still have a job, then quit your job. You’re almost certainly not going to be able to keep your job anyway.

You can tell the people, “I quit my job to run for this office because I care about our community and I do not like the direction it is going in.”

If you don’t already have black riots close by, tell them you’ll make sure they never come. Tell them you’ll fight the lockdown. Tell them you will not let any government official force them to take a vaccine, as you think that is a choice that every person gets to make.

Bring a mask with you and say you don’t believe in masks but if they want you to wear it you’ll put it on. Then give them a sign for their front yard.

You people need to do this and you need to do it RIGHT NOW.

Understand: at the very absolute least, you get a government paycheck, and get to help some people in the community.

At best, you get to be a Rick Grimes style warlord in the apocalypse.

Sheriff is the first spot. If you can’t take sheriff because the sheriff is already taking these positions, run for ANY SINGLE OFFICE. Just figure out what elected positions exist, sign up for the ballot, start knocking on doors.

This is the most important agenda the Daily Stormer has ever pushed and I want to stress that: I am not giving you a choice. This is an order. You must do this to save America and the white race. Do it now.