Donald, We Passed “Worse Than the Disease” A Long Gosh-Darn Time Ago, Buddy

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 24, 2020

Donald Trump, President of America, has announced on Twitter that we should not let the Coronavirus cure become worse than the disease.

Of course, that happened a long time ago.

At time of writing, we are sitting at an official count of 519 deaths.

Ten times that number died of heart attacks and suicides when the economy collapsed.

I’m myself sitting here watching the Bitcoin graph and stroking my gun, saying “soon my love, soon…”

I won’t be surprised if when this is all said and done, more people had died from being attacked by bats than died from the bat soup virus.

Of course, we should all give Donald Trump credit. He tried to say it was just a flu.

That said, he only said that after he’d allowed a bunch of people to fly in from China. And he cracked on “just a flu” at the worst possible time. Basically he’s taken the wrong step in every single way possible. But his instincts were right and I blame his kooky advisors.

Who knows, maybe he can fix it all with jingoism, blaming everything on the Chinese. People really enjoy a bit of hardcore racism when it is permitted by the state. I’m old enough to remember the abject insanity that took place after 911, when everyone was calling for a genocide of Moslems. People just really get into the whole spirit of blaming foreigners for problems.

I wish they would blame the Jews. But they won’t.

Anyway, maybe we can cool this off and dial it back and get back on track.

This is really an example of why Trump should have rounded up everyone in the media and had them executed for treason for that Russian hoax. Because whatever he does, they’ve got a gun to his head, and are ready to blame him for whatever happens, which makes it virtually impossible for him to make good decisions.

I don’t envy his position. Of course I would never be in his position, as if I’d been elected president the first thing I would have done is declare martial law and order the military to start rounding up my enemies and putting them in camps.

Not doing that was really his first mistake.

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