Donald Trump’s Ads are Really Good

President Trump has released several news ads recently.

One is about the economy.

Another is about the plot to destroy sports.

The economy is totally wrecked and it cannot possibly be saved, but I’d have more faith in Trump trying to fix it than Joe Biden, obviously. I think that’s why the system is preventing the bottom from falling out until after the election. If the fact that the economy has collapsed became clear in the weeks leading up to the election, people would vote Trump because they would have more faith in him to fix it.

With regards to football: I’ve never in my life been a sports fan, but I can imagine what this plot to destroy sports feels like for sports fans.

I am a fan of video games, and I can imagine what I would feel like if one party was trying to take my video games away from me. It’s a big deal to give people back their entertainment. (Conversely, he is trying to take TikTok away from teenagers, which I think is a really bad, stupid move, but not a huge deal since most of the users can’t vote anyway.)

I wish Trump would do a campaign video about how he’s going to open the gyms. This has gotten completely insane. And what about the churches?

Why have the Democrats been permitted to take away all the things I like?

I think the Republicans should make a point of becoming the “Fun and Happiness Party,” and draw a distinction between themselves and the Democrats along the matter of fact that the Democrats hate fun and want everyone to be miserable and filled with guilt and hate. The problem with that strategy is that the GOP is filled with fun-haters like Marco Rubio, who thinks the only fun in this world is found inside of an anus.

While you’re thinking about having fun playing video games with your friends, or going to the gym and making sick gains, or going to church to pray, Marco Rubio is thinking about ramming his penis into another man’s anus, and pumping it in and out until he ejaculates into the anus, where his semen will get mixed with the man’s feces.

What we need to do is start forcing these disgusting weirdos out in primaries, and fill the GOP with fun-lovers. That is always what needed to happen. The reason Trump can’t get anything done is that the Congress won’t help him, and the Congress won’t help him because no one is paying attention to the primary elections. If both primary elections, Democrat and Republican, are effectively decided by Jewish money, then whoever wins is the Jewish candidate.

We recently saw the way the Jews dominate primaries using money when Steve King was forced out in his primary. These primaries are where everything is happening, where the course of our society is decided, but no one is interested in them.

One thing that Steve Bannon did right was try to target primaries. The fact that he screwed that up totally with that weirdo Judge Roy Moore doesn’t mean that his strategy was wrong.

By the way, Steve Bannon was on Tucker Carlson this week. Looking drunk as ever.

What a lovable scumbag.

We should also get Joe Rogan involved.

Trump said he wanted him to host a debate.

I wish that would happen in real life.