Donald Trump – We Implore You – Do Not Give These Animals Jeff Sessions [UPDATE: Recused But Not Resigned]

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 2, 2017


Jeff Sessions just held a press conference and recused himself from the investigation into a Russian election conspiracy.

He said that he had already planned to do that, because he was involved in the campaign, and if that’s true – and it might be – than that means what I wrote below might be wrong. Maybe Trump Team believes it can deal with a special investigator. And maybe this whole thing was intended to get a resignation.

In the context, it was not an admission of guilt to recuse himself, because he said he did it because he was involved in the campaign and it has nothing to do with these insane allegations about a Russian ambassador meeting conspiracy.

Jeff’s explanation of the meeting itself was very good, makes much logical sense – ambassador was just making the rounds meeting with anyone who would meet with him, he came in and talked about terrorism and bitched a bit about the Ukraine and left.

So, okay.

I’m gonna call this a win.

No resignation.

And the recusal might not be nearly as bad a thing as I was thinking a few hours ago. The Jews no doubt have a plan for this conspiracy investigation, but I’m sure Trump has a plan as well, and again, the way he recused did not imply guilt in the way I had feared.

I’m still worried about the special investigator, and someone needs to make sure this isn’t just a team of Jews.

Original article follows.

We had a few days without a major happening.

Well, we’ve certainly got one today.

Last night, the Washington Post revealed that Attorney General Jeff Sessions met twice with the Russian ambassador during the Trump campaign. During his Senate confirmation hearing, a Jew, Al Franken, asked if he’d been a surrogate for Trump to the Kremlin, to which he said “no.” Sessions was a sitting Senator at this time, and on the Armed Services committee, so there is no reason to believe that he discussed anything about Trump with the ambassador.

But the evil Jews are parading around calling for blood.

The key here is that the Democrats and cucks forced an investigation into “Russian meddling in the 2016 election,” and as Attorney General, Sessions was going to be in charge of that. They are trying to force him out – by hook or by crook – to insure that the investigation reveals what they want it to reveal, which is the fake new hoax narrative.

The satanic rat Chuck Schumer gave a press conference this morning demanding Jeff Sessions’ resignation.

Jew Al Franken is claiming Sessions perjured himself.

Their kinsmen, the demonic weasel Adam Schiff, has called for Sessions to recuse himself from the investigation into the alleged Russian conspiracy. (11:30)

This is all Jews.

What you are seeing is a JEWISH CONSPIRACY to destroy DONALD TRUMP.

The WaPo Jews released the Sessions leak the same day New York Times Jews released an article talking about a secret plan to protect alleged evidence of a Russian-Trump conspiracy, which they claim is massive and claim the Trump administration is involved in a conspiracy to try to destroy.

They are planning on using these two things, taken together, as a way to force out Sessions. They can do that either of the three Jewish ways presented above:

  • Force him to resign
  • Do him up on perjury charges
  • Force him to recuse himself

In the first two cases, the Justice Department has a temporary head who isn’t taken seriously and they refuse to confirm a replacement.

The third case, he remains AG, but gives over control of this lunatic conspiracy investigation to a third party.

They then appoint some vicious bastard surrounded by a rabid bunch of Christ-killers as “independent investigator,” and it turns into the NYT fake news version of an investigation, where they just hoax everything and come up with some sort of nonsense to validate their current narrative:

That not only did Russia do Wikileaks, but Donald Trump either knew about it or told them to do it.

At that point, Trump becomes a Russian agent president, so – impeachment.

All of this is to say: Sessions cannot be allowed to go down.

This is life or death.

Jew option #3 is what they will most likely go for – forcing him to recuse himself. It’s the most realistic. And it’s something that Republican traitors can endorse – and are endorsing – without it being clear that they are open traitors.

Sessions himself has said he will recuse himself if necessary.

This would be an admission of guilt. An admission he has some ties to Russia that make him incapable of being impartial. And again, you end up with the same Jewish end goal: control of this stupid fake news conspiracy investigation taken away from President Donald J. Trump.

I don’t know what needs to be done now, but I know that offensive action needs to be taken immediately.

This is an extremely dire situation.

If this thing isn’t stopped right now, it is going to set off a chain of overwhelmingly negative events.

Martial law has to remain on the table.

We didn’t come this far to get kiked over some silly gibberish.

This country is ours now.

And we’re not giving it back to these filthy Jews.