Donald Trump Unleashes Fire and Fury on Mueller Conspiracy – Meddling in the Midterms!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 20, 2018

trump mueller kookspiracy investigation

The fact that this alleged probe into an alleged conspiracy is still going all this time later, with no evidence, is evidence that the thing was a hoax from the beginning. Honest men would have said “okay, looks like we were wrong, sorry guys.”

They are now stretching out the shadow of this hoax over the midterm elections, so as the Jewish media can continue to insinuate that Trump is a Russian agent and that anyone who votes for him is voting for the USSR.

Look NBC just rolled out this old meme today:

Furthermore, they want to be able to claim that the midterm elections, which they are going to fail in miserably, were the result of… “Russian meddling.”

Trump also attacked the rat Brennan who is threatening to sue him over his lost security clearance.

That’s a good tweet.

Because he is mentioning the documents, saying there is record of this guy being involved in all types of illegal stuff. Which is an obvious truth.

But I think Mueller is worried about worse stuff than that being exposed by Donald Trump…

Because these people are – I believe – all involved in satanic ritual child rape and human sacrifice cults.

It is really the only explanation that includes all of these facts that we have gathered.

Plus, just look at the guy.