Donald Trump Tweets “White Genocide”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 23, 2016

Once again giving us the old wink-wink, Glorious Leader retweeted @WhiteGenocideTM (Donald Trumpovitz).

Of course, the Jewish press is throwing a fit, going through Trumpovitz’ account and finding all sorts of Nazi materials.


Young Turkish Kikes even made a video about it.

The media is claiming someone is “outraged.”


But the only people who are outraged by this story are the people who are outraged by every news story about Trump.

The thing here is, no one who supports Trump cares. The Jewsmedia has already tried this “racist White supremacist neo-Nazis love Donald Trump and that means Trump is evil” strategy, and it simply makes Trump supporters hate the media which is calling them racists. People are sick of being called racists, and they don’t care.

The Jews have used the term “racist” to refer to absolutely everything that has anything to do with being White over the last decade that it has lost all power. So now, even actual racists can get away with being racists because the word has lost all meaning.

Yes, That is the Same Trumpovitz

“Donald Trumpovitz” was a regular commenter on DS back before disqus holocausted us. I had just assumed he’d been assassinated by the Mossad, since he stopped posting, because seriously, how hard is it to sign up for a new comments system?

It takes 15 seconds.

Speaking of the new comments system, and this story about the Trump tweet, I was not at the computer when this happened yesterday, but it was quickly reported on the forum which is built into the comments system (technically, the comments system is built into forum software).

So, that’s yet another reason to sign up for the new comments system. Not only does it have increased functionality as far as posting abilities, it also allows you, dear reader, to create your own comment threads on news stories and other happenings which are not yet featured on the main page.


All your friends are there.

Except Trumpovitz…