Donald Trump Sends His Love to My Asian Americans

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 24, 2020

You’ve all seen Donald Trump’s pro-Asian tweets.

Just in case you haven’t seen them, I’ll show you them now.

Those are very sweet, as Trump cozies up to our dog-eating neighbors.

But I’ve got the screenshots of the now-deleted original tweets. Not so sweet, let me tell you.



But Seriously

Trump is now engaging in the same type of jingoistic racial hatred that appeared after 911, when George W. Bush was making all of these statements and the media was calling for the extermination of Moslems.

You can I guess draw your own conclusions about that. If it’s good for his campaign, then I guess that’s good. People are stupid and love vulgar racism, even whilst they will only ever engage in it with the approval of the government and the media itself.

I’m personally not going to go along with this, because I don’t think this is a “Chinese virus,” I think it is a bioweapon, either manufactured by DARPA or Israel (it could be two separate bioweapons, released by one group each), and I think that this anti-gook hate march, all these videos of Asian peasants eating dogs and wildlife (half of which are from Vietnam, by the way) are just designed to promote the bat soup theory of the virus.

Of course, if you go out there and say this, you get thrown in with the DEMON-RATS and their dumb anti-racism agenda, so it is basically just impossible to talk about it at all. Because there is never any place for any sort of nuance when dealing with the mob of public opinion.

So, whatever. Keep spamming videos of people eating dogs, I guess.

I actually do like some of the memes.

I especially like some of the boomer bat soup memes that don’t make any sense.

I’m always a sucker for a boomer meme that doesn’t make any sense.

But please don’t post Winnie the Pooh, boomers. It’s so cringe.

Instead of trying that hard, just keep making weird memes that don’t make any sense, and your status on the internet will slowly increase.

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