Donald Trump Says Military Being Mobilized to Vaccinate Population

I was once the world’s #1 Donald Trump supporter. But those days are gone. It was not me that changed. Donald Trump changed. And he continues to change, becoming ever more distant from the people who elected him.

The President went on Fox News this week and said that he’s going to deploy the military to vaccinate the population.

Yeah, I think we’re gonna have a vaccine by the end of the year, we’re doing very well with a vaccine, and I will tell you something I just, literally left a meeting, we’re mobilizing our military, and other forces, but we’re mobilizing our military. On the basis that we do have a vaccine, you know, it’s a massive job to give this vaccine, our military is now being mobilized, so at the end of the year we’re going to be able to give it to a lot of people, very very rapidly.

That is an incredibly ominous statement.

Will these vaccinations be done forcibly?

Well, that’s certainly the implication of “military,” is it not? Otherwise, you could just set up centers in cities for people to go and voluntarily get the vaccine.

This video is posted on an official Donald Trump YouTube channel, for some reason. At time of writing, it’s only been up a few hours, but the like/dislike ratio is very bad and comments have been disabled.

Imagine being Donald Trump and thinking that your supporters would LIKE being told they’re going to be force vaccinated by the military.

It is not clear to me why they tagged the video with the hashtag #PromiseMadePromiseKept. I do not remember hearing Donald Trump in 2016 promising to mobilize the military to vaccinate everyone. I followed the election pretty closely, but I must have missed that one.

In actual and living true fact, Trump himself was anti-vax all the way up to when he ran for president. The tweets are still up – check this collection of them.

I don’t even personally really think the vaccine-autism link is real, but Donald Trump was like the number one advocate for this theory. Now he’s going to use the military to force vaccinate you???

The Trump administration has already unveiled a plan to produce 100 million pre-filled syringes by the end of the year.

Kevin Roose, a New York Times columnist, is already terrified that some people may not comply with vaccination, which he says may become mandatory, and is calling for the CDC and WHO to engage in a “hearts-and-minds” campaign to promote this, as well as calling for social media companies to devote “tremendous resources” to censoring dissent.

Read the article. This man is a lunatic. And apparently, Trump is backing him up by planning to release the military on us…!

I have no idea what is going on with Trump. No idea why he changed his tune so much on this flu hoax. No idea if he is really planning to listen to the NYT whack-jobs and forcibly inject us with a Bill Gates mystery potion.

What I do know is that right now is the time to organize against this agenda. We need to get people out to the protests. We need to rally the masses in the name of freedom from this brutal government.

Right now, there is nothing keeping them from mass-vaccinating us using the military. Maybe Trump will change his tune – he probably will, I hope he will – but right now, they can do this without anyone stopping them, because the entire Constitution has already been suspended and we don’t have any rights.

This isn’t some kooky conspiracy theory. We literally do not have rights, and the NYT is literally talking about forced vaccinations because this flu is just so very scary to them.

It’s also not a conspiracy theory that something could be very wrong with this vaccine. Every medical professional I’ve talked to about the coming coronavirus vaccine has been skeptical and some have been completely freaked out. Vaccines are in no way fundamentally safe. They are in fact fundamentally dangerous, as most of them are made with adjuvants, which are fundamentally dangerous.

Vaccines are not simply giving you a small dose of a virus in order to trigger your immune system to create the antibodies to it, as they tell you in high school health class. Those were the original vaccines. Modern vaccines are bizarre experimental chemical cocktails, which no one really understands the science of, including the people who make them.

I have no doubt that a forced coronavirus vaccine would create serious health problems for the population and it might even lower people’s IQs. It could do something even worse. We have no idea what it might do, because it is going to do whatever the elite ruling class that created this crisis wants it to do and possibly much more than that.

We know what the coronavirus does. If you’re healthy, it makes you sick for ten days or so, then it goes away and you maintain antibodies to it, making it very unlikely you’ll get it again. We have no idea what these vaccines will do. No idea. But we know they’re not going to do anything good.

If the people making these vaccines were concerned about our health, they would just let us be exposed to the virus so we can build up our immunities. They know this virus isn’t dangerous. Period. That is the bottom line. So in demanding that we be injected with this mysterious substance, they have some other agenda that is most definitely not concern for our health.

Just like you need to make a commitment to stay off of drugs through this crisis, you need to make a vow to not accept this vaccine. Force them to shoot you. Do not let them inject you with this mystery juice.

Martin Bieber contributed to this report.