Donald Trump Pulls an Elon, Kicks Bitcoin in the Face, Triggers Biggest Sell-Off Yet

There are a lot of bad things happening to Bitcoin right now, but on Monday night, the biggest selloff yet took place, probably signaling the definite end of the bull market.

This happened hours after Donald Trump kicked Bitcoin in the face.

The failed president appeared on Fox Business with Stuart Varney and condemned the cryptocurrency, demanding that the Jewish Federal Reserve maintain dominance over the global financial system.

Asked by Varney what he thought of Bitcoin, a confused and megalomaniacal Trump said:

Bitcoin, it just seems like a scam … I don’t like it because it is another currency competing against the dollar. Essentially, it is a currency competing against the dollar. I want the dollar to be the currency of the world, that’s what I’ve always said.

Hours after his statements, Bitcoin was down nearly 10%. It has recovered some now.

Overall, at time of writing, the entire crypto market is down more than 8%.

Regardless of how disconnected a person may be from the realities of the financial system, this quite clearly means that he prefers that the American people remain enslaved to the Jewish banking cartel, which is destroying the value of the US dollar through mass money printing.

Since having the election stolen from him in November, Trump has engaged in various sick actions which indicate he is attempting to do whatever he can to destroy the United States and the West. This is simply the latest attack on the people of the country, preceded by a series of actions intended to make people believe in the very electoral system that robbed him of his election.

Trump appears to be in a state of denial, believing that the election was a fluke of some kind, and that he will swoop back into power by winning the 2024 election. He is sucking the masses of right-wing Americans into his strange delusion, which is preventing them from looking for other solutions to the corruption of the US political system.

It is shocking that he would have such disdain for the normal Americans who see crypto as a lifeline as the economy collapses around them.

Trump’s comments came alongside a push by the Biden Administration to attack crypto on the grounds that it enables “cyber criminals” to do ransomware attacks on Western infrastructure. However, most people believe that the ransomware attacks are being done by the CIA as part of a “Cyber Pandemic” scheme planned by the World Economic Forum.

This latest tag team attack on the American people by Joe Biden and Donald Trump is unlikely to be the last such attack. Both the Democrats in power and Donald Trump have an interest in maintaining American hegemony. The Biden Administration wants to maintain it because it controls it, while Trump bizarrely believes that he will somehow return to power, and wield the reins of the institutionalized corruption.

Regardless of attacks by villains like Elon Musk, Joe Biden and Donald Trump, Bitcoin remains inevitable. Many other countries are no doubt using this opportunity of the downturn to build up positions in the crypto as a hedge against the rapidly collapsing dollar.

Ultimately, the US government is now committed to printing infinity money forever. There is no way out of that hole. It is the only way the economy can be sustained. It will likely succeed in maintaining the illusion economy for a while, but this plan is dependent on managing various bubbles – in particular, in the stock market and the real estate market. As long as the price of stocks and property can keep going up indefinitely, inflation of the prices of real goods – food, household goods, household electronics – and therefore of labor will continue to stay low.

In the end, the dollar will go to zero and Bitcoin will therefore be worth infinity dollars. Therefore, in the big picture, Bitcoin is a good deal at any price.

A Note on Trump

Donald Trump is clearly completely out of touch, and is almost certainly suffering from some type of mental health crisis, along with cognitive decline due to his age.

If we simply look at the way he has handled everything from the day of the election up until now, it is clear that he is just not thinking clearly. The way he handled the election theft was ridiculous. He then on January 6 told people to storm the Capitol and when they did he denounced them as evil. People who fought for him are now rotting in solitary confinement and being tortured by black guards, and he’s not willing to even mention them. Elizabeth Warren has defended them, as has the Russian state – but Trump’s lips are zipped.

Ashli Babbitt was murdered on January 6, and Trump has yet to say her name.

We still don’t know who killed her. Trump could be pressing that issue, and instead doesn’t.

Trump then failed to host a blog, after claiming he was going to invent his own version of Facebook.

Throughout this time, he’s also been hardcore shilling the deadly coronavirus vaccine, which he takes credit for. He also was a big time shill for the Jewish war in Palestine.

Other than the basic things – attacking immigration, attacking Republicans – he’s not really even presenting a narrative is in any way helpful.

He is standing in the way of any kind of agenda to fight back against the Democrats by filling the masses of people with the false hope that he is going to win in 2024. This is so ridiculous on so many different levels that it is shocking that anyone could take it seriously. He won the 2020 election by a massive landslide, and that was stolen from him. But somehow, after four years of Democrat rule, he thinks he is going to get a free election in 2024?

Frankly, even if he did get a free election in 2024 – just for the sake of argument – he would still lose, because Joe Biden is going to give voting rights to tens of millions of “new Americans.”

Keeping people invested in the voting hoax is by far his biggest post-election sin. But the continued denouncement of his own supporters and the refusal to defend his people who are being tortured in solitary bothers me the most.

His attempt to crash Bitcoin is again an attack on his own people, in the same category as denouncing the Capitol Stormers.

I will always have some form of love for Trump because of the way he changed the entire narrative of politics in 2016.

However, it must be said that all he is doing now is harm.