Donald Trump Promises Not to Build Disgusting High-Rise in Greenland – But Maybe They Deserve It

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 20, 2019

On Monday night, President Donald Trump tweeted out a meme of one of his astonishingly ugly high-rise buildings photoshopped into the idyllic frozen village landscape of Greenland.

However, we might consider the question: why should we not punish Greenland with a staggeringly repulsive glass and steel skyscraper? What has Greenland ever done for us?

Has Greenland ever done anything at all for us, ever?


No, in fact, Greenland has given us nothing, and we do not owe those ice-fiends any favors.

I think that after the invasion, mass-rape and conquest of Greenland, we absolutely should punish them brutally with ugly skyscrapers to invade their peaceful country landscape and to forever remind the world that this is what happens when you go against America.

Putting up one of these buildings is a whole heckuva lot worse than gouging out everyone’s eyes.

I am the first anti-Greenland neoconservative. I believe that it is both our duty and our pleasure as Americans to invade Greenland for the dual purpose of crushing them as a people and bringing them democracy and human rights, which are being denied them by the dictator of Denmark.