Donald Trump is the Best Feeder of Fish, Okay. Nobody Feeds Fish Better Than Donald Trump, Alright?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 6, 2017


The sickening and evil Jewish media has been riled into a frenzy over a picture of Donald Trump dumping his fish food for the fish at a Japanese fish-feeding event in Japan.

Look at this gif that the vile CNN slut Veronica Rocha posted to Twitter.

Notice how it weirdly zooms in on Trump’s face?

Yes, the frame was cropped.

Here’s the uncropped/non-zooming gif, where you can see that before Trump poured his fish food, PM Abe did that same action.

Here’s the still image.

“Petty” does not go far enough.

I would say “kiked” is more appropriate.

The entire Jewish media jumped all over this picture and the cropped/zoomed gif and used it as an opportunity to attack Trump as a fool.

A few of these outlets have changed their story since the goyim found out.

Here’s The Guardian’s description of the event on Twitter:

But when you click the story, it’s been updated to say that the media “overreacted.”

But of course, the press corps was there and knew that Trump was following Abe’s lead in dumping out the remaining fish food, but decided to try to trick the goyim.

This is insane that you have the media trying to deceive people like this so aggressively and openly while being aware that they’re going to get caught.

A couple of them apologized and pretended it was an accident.

But those news story screenshots above are from time of writing, at least 4 hours after it was revealed that the media (apparently it was someone from ABC) purposefully edited that clip to try to make Trump look stupid.

These “people” not only do not care about the truth, they don’t care that people know that they do not care about truth.

This fish food hoax is the epitome of fake news – you can almost see it better because it is about something totally irrelevant.

The Jewish fake news industrial complex has become a parody of itself.

These people need to be rounded up and put in camps.

In Poland.