Donald Trump: Final Rallies on Monday – Next the Election!

President Trump did five rallies yesterday, across the country. They were all sort of the same script, but I watched most of them and found the Traverse City, Michigan one (above) to be the best of show. (You can fast forward through Pence. Trump comes on at 52:00.)

You can watch it if you missed it to get an idea of his final message. It was kind of vague, in terms of what exactly he is promising, but he didn’t have any other options, really. He has all of these stupid whore women who can’t be told “we’re ending the coronavirus hoax and going back to work.” The idiotic system of democracy means that he has to pander to literal vagina-holed women.

The man truly has just a totally unbelievable amount of energy. It was amazing to see this final push. Imagine that he’s 74, he’s fat, he drinks Diet Coke, he eats McDonald’s every day, he doesn’t exercise – where does this energy come from? It is truly as if he is touched by a divine force.

God bless him.

And may God have mercy on us all.