Donald Trump Does Ohio Rally, Plays All the Hits

Legitimately elected US President Donald Trump did a rally in Wellington, Ohio on Saturday.

It was just like the old times again.

It was like listening to a Bob Seger greatest hits album – he was playing all the hits.

He even did “The Snake.”

I’m just going to tell you frankly: Trump has been a complete and total disaster since January 6, but I will tell you, I miss him as much as I’ve ever missed anything in my life.

This has been such a sad, sad series of events.

I have no understanding of what he is doing. He is still saying the election was a hoax, apparently, although previously he said that Joe Biden did win.

What he is saying, in his words, is that we’re going to take back America, apparently by him running for reelection in 2024.

This is insane. The election was stolen. The people who stole the election now have complete authoritarian control over every institution of power in the country, including every government institution. The only way Trump could win an election would be if the Democrats decided to let him win on purpose – which they are not going to do.

So, then: what is the point of this?

It is just a waste of time.

If Trump wanted to remain president, he should have fled to Russia and declared himself President in Exile. Russia and China both would have recognized him, along with many other countries. It would have created a massive, awesome, confusing mess, globally – and something could have happened with that.

But instead we get a do-over of the fake election? That’s the plan?

It is literally inexplicable. I simply do not understand this.

Trump has apparently lost his mind. He’s stuck in some kind of loop.

But what about all of these people supporting him? How does it work in their brains that a government run by election-thieving Democrats are going to run a fair election in 2024?

I want to live in this fantasy world – but I cannot.

The jig is up.

The country is doomed.

We have to go local, we have to hope that the federal government starts to lose power over rural areas, and we have to support local warlords. Sheriffs and mayors in all white rural areas are going to have to start functioning as warlords and pushing back against the feds. That’s when the guns become useful. The feds will eventually realize that attempting to exercise power over certain rural areas isn’t worth the jam, and they will start backing off. Then we can chill while the system comes apart.

These people running things are going to eat each other alive. That is inevitable. As long as we are out of the way, we’re going to have okay chances.

Meanwhile, there is no chance of Trump winning the 2024 election, and there is no point in electing more traitor Republicans to the Congress in 2022. This is dumb and it doesn’t matter.

We need to get out of the cities, we need to hold territory, we need to support local warlords.

That’s how we win, folks.