Donald Trump Defends Bernie Sanders Against Nancy Pelosi’s Conspiracy Against Him

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 18, 2020

He’s not really wrong here.

Forcing Bernie to appear for the impeachment hoax does hurt his campaigning.

I don’t know if this is the entire purpose of the impeachment, but I’m sure it’s a side effect that does not bother them.

Democrats are freaking out about Bernie, now that it once again looks like he’s ready to become the nominee, and they can’t use the same tricks on him that they used last time.

Virtually every establishment Jew would prefer Donald Trump to Bernie Sanders.

Not only is Trump now “the devil you know,” but if Bernie were to win, it would mean that both parties have effectively removed themselves from the mainstream, and opted for populism.

CNN openly shills against Bernie, but they’re getting caught, and this threatens to create a situation where they are just totally powerless to convince anyone of anything.

If Bernie gets the nomination, it is going to be nuts to watch the media try to get Trump reelected.

Real Clear Politics still has Biden leading Bernie by a significant margin in national polls.

National polls

But those numbers are meaningless, because we know that Biden will hold onto his basic 30%.

What we also know however is that virtually 100% of Liz’s support will go to Bernie if she drops out.

Which would put Bernie above Biden, permanently.

And none of that data on that chart is from after the #handshakegate situation at the last debate, which led to a whole lot of hatred being directed against Liz.

Furthermore, Bernie and Biden are tied in Iowa.

Iowa polls

If Bernie wins in Iowa, then he’s going to gain a lot more support, because people like winners.

I don’t know where the people answering polls for the rest of those people will go when their candidates drop out. Bloomberg and Klobuchar are really even more moderate than Biden. But Yang and Tulsi supporters will vote Bernie, and those two together make up 6%.

Buttigieg’s supporters are the wildcard. I think most people are just supporting him because he does anal with men. He doesn’t have any relevant proposals and he certainly isn’t an established politician – he’s the 37-year-old mayor of a random town in Indiana. So it’s actually ridiculous and amazing that he’s gotten the support he has, simply because he does anal.

Americans are really, really big on man-on-man anal.

Personally, I’m rooting for Bernie, because he will have all rich people (read:Jews) executed.