Donald Trump Corrects Defense Secretary, Says He Thinks Lebanese Explosion was an Attack

Outside of Q-tier explanations, I don’t know why Donald Trump is making a point to say that the explosion in Lebanon wasn’t an accident.

Maybe just because he said in the first place it was an attack, and he’s sticking to it?


Defense Secretary Mark Esper is downplaying any differences he had with the White House’s assessment as to what caused the deadly explosion in Beirut after his speculation that the blast was likely the result of an accident drew push back from the White House.

“The bottom line is we still don’t know” what caused the explosion, Esper told Fox News in an interview that aired this weekend.

“On the first day, as President Trump rightly said, we thought it might have been an attack, some of us speculated it could have been, for example, a Hezbollah arms shipment that blew up, maybe a Hezbollah bomb making facility, who knows?” Esper said, adding that the media was trying to stoke division between himself and President Donald Trump.

Despite his comments that some were speculating that the explosion may have involved an attack, several defense officials told CNN on Tuesday the US military did not have any information pointing to an attack, an assessment echoed by Esper on Wednesday when he said most believed it to be an accident.

“Yesterday I commented that it was looking more like an accident and it’s regrettable that some in the media … are trying to draw divisions within the administration between maybe me and the President and others, it’s simply not true,” he said.

Esper told the Aspen Security Forum on Wednesday that the US was “still getting information on what happened. Most believe that it was an accident as reported and beyond that I have nothing further to report on that. It’s obviously a tragedy.”

Hours after Esper said “most believe” that that the Beirut explosion “was an accident,” Trump appeared to cast doubt on the plausibility of it being an accident at a White House news conference, saying, “How can you say accident?” while also saying, “Right now you have some people who think it was an attack and some people that think it wasn’t.”

From what I’ve seen, virtually everyone other than Donald Trump and pro-Hezbollah people are saying it was an accident (total coincidence).

To be clear, the official Zionist explanation is that it was an accident. This would mean that it was incompetence on the part of the Lebanese government that led to this massive explosion, all of these people dead and so on.

The Lebanese government is allied with Iran, and extremely anti-Zionist. They are the one country that has beaten Israel in a war.

What makes sense to me is that Israel set off a chemical explosion to make it look like an accident to make people angry at the government. They are now stoking anti-government riots in the country, in an attempt to depose the pro-Iranian government.

That makes the most sense. In my opinion.

It’s all just a bit too convenient.

Look at this iconic graffiti, images of which are being spammed everywhere.

What are the chances that a Jew did that graffiti?



This idea of random accidents that just happen to benefit Jews is extremely suspicious to me, generally. It is of course possible that it was a legitimate accident, and there is no way to know. No one ever will know, because obviously in an explosion of this magnitude, any potential evidence is wiped out.

If I were the Lebanese government, I would just say Israel did it. There is enough reason to believe that that it isn’t really a lie, and most people will believe it because it just seems like the logical thing, given all of the elements of the situation, and especially given the way Israel has over the last weeks been blowing up all kinds of stuff in Iran.