Donald Trump Considering Pro-Assad, Principled Democrat for Secretary of State

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
November 22, 2016

Most people who have read the leaked list of contenders for Secretary of State have expressed righteous skepticism at the surprise appearance of AIPAC apparatchik war mongers like John Bolton, Bob Corker, et al. Many of Trump’s most ardent supporters, in fact, are threatening to stop supporting him if he appoints Bolton specifically – and with good reason, as he is a reckless neo-con maniac that is going to get us all killed.

Now, there seems to be a lush valley emerging between the mountain-sized implicitly hooked noses. It is Tulsi Gabbard, who is a principled, #NeverHillary Democratic representative from Hawaii.

ABC News:

Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, a high-profile Bernie Sanders supporter during the Democratic primaries, is “under serious consideration” for various Cabinet positions in President-elect Donald Trump’s administration, according to a senior official on the transition team.

According to the official, the 35-year-old Hawaii congresswoman is being looked as a candidate for secretary of state, secretary of defense or United Nations ambassador. If selected, Gabbard will be the first woman as well as the youngest pick for Trump’s Cabinet.

She met with him this morning in his New York City offices at Trump Tower.

Gabbard, a progressive Democrat, has bucked her party in Congress and during the contentious Democratic primaries. In February she left her position as vice chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee to support Sanders. In the House she has broken with Democrats on the Syrian civil war (she supports keeping President Bashar al-Assad in power) and Syrian refugees (she voted for a GOP bill last year to conduct stricter background checks on refugees).

This afternoon she released a long statement on her meeting with Trump, saying he asked to meet with her about “our current policies regarding Syria, our fight against terrorist groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS, as well as other foreign policy challenges we face.”

“I felt it important to take the opportunity to meet with the president-elect now before the drumbeats of war that neocons have been beating drag us into an escalation of the war to overthrow the Syrian government — a war which has already cost hundreds of thousands of lives and forced millions of refugees to flee their homes in search of safety for themselves and their families,” she said in the statement, adding that she would not let politics get in the way of meeting with the president-elect.

“However, I believe we can disagree, even strongly, but still come together on issues that matter to the American people and affect their daily lives. We cannot allow continued divisiveness to destroy our country … I shared with him my grave concerns that escalating the war in Syria by implementing a so-called no fly/safe zone would be disastrous for the Syrian people, our country and the world,” she said. “It would lead to more death and suffering, exacerbate the refugee crisis, strengthen ISIS and al-Qaeda and bring us into a direct conflict with Russia, which could result in a nuclear war. We discussed my bill to end our country’s illegal war to overthrow the Syrian government and the need to focus our precious resources on rebuilding our own country and on defeating al-Qaeda, ISIS and other terrorist groups who pose a threat to the American people.”

Gabbard clusters closer to the old left than the new.

Many people on the left, including the “radical left,” supported the “Free Syrian Army” and Al Qaeda against Assad when the Syrian civil war started (these clowns also backed the Libyan terrorists – look at how that turned out), though now the Judeo-Left bourgeois hipsters in the West seem to have moved their support to the Kurdish Peshmerga because they have a novel all-female battalion, and that’s all superfluous grad students care about.

Obama’s CIA is arming and logistically supporting the Kurds, likely to keep them as a “Stay-Behind” or a bookmark to cause problems for the Syrians after the operation with Sunni Jihadists is obliterated by Iranian and Russian forces; hopefully Trump will pull the plug on them and finally end the bloodshed in the Middle East.

Gabbard’s only blindspot is she is sort of pro-Israel, but far less than is typical on capitol hill. Her stance on most things doesn’t add up to any of the lobby-informed Zionist tendencies (she voted in favor of the Iran deal, for example, while simultaneously opposing regime change as a rule), which means she probably pays lip service to Israel in order to not be prioritized for being driven out of the House by Jews.

Hopefully, if Trump appoints her Secretary of State, she will pull the United States away from Israel and turn-off the tap to that thankless black hole in the desert, while improving economic, cultural and military ties with Iran and Russia and abandoning the Zionist and Sunni Gulf State axis of evil.

Other than that, Gabbard opposes TPP and NAFTA, has supported GOP bills restricting immigration, and other good stuff. Her domestic cultural agenda on homosexuality and other topics is vile, but in the positions Trump is considering, that won’t matter.

Having a woman from the more radical Bernie wing of the Democratic party play a prominent role in the incoming administration would be a stroke of realpolitik genius on Trump’s part. It would make moralizing and preening more difficult for the snowflake protesters (especially since Hillary would’ve just loaded her administration up with Neo-Cons, rather than Bernie people). They may try to continue their tantrum in spite of this nomination, but that would expose them as the foot soldiers of the elites that they are.

On top of all that, such an appointment would be Trump’s boot stepping on the fingers of the GOP’s Jewish wing (represented by Shabbos Goyim like Paul Ryan and John Bolton), who are already hanging from the cliff.

It would bring people from both the left and the right with something productive to contribute to the nation’s direction together on issues that should not be pigeonholed as left or right (economics, foreign policy), while chaining the rejected Neo-Con kikes to the boutique Judeo-Left out in the cold, where they belong.

Lastly, it would take away the excuses Jews are using to incite non-whites with, that Trump is only appointing white Gentile men for positions. Gabbard is a female, partially non-white, 35-years-old, from a blue state, etc. With this appointment, Jews and race profiteers at Mud Incorporated (Al Sharpton, Luis Gutierrez, Lin Manuel-Miranda) will be forced to admit that the real reason they’re angry about Trump isn’t that he’s discriminating against them, but because they think the white majority should have no say in American politics whatsoever.