Donald Trump Complains That Fox and Drudge are Attacking Him

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 9, 2019

President Trump is whining about Fox News attacking him again.

He’s also allegedly complaining about the Jew Matt Drudge turning against him, and is allegedly sending his Jew son-in-law to speak to that Jew.

Daily Beast:

As House lawmakers move quickly toward a likely impeachment vote before the year’s end, President Donald Trump has kept a close eye on his conservative media allies—and hasn’t been shy about trashing them for projecting insufficient fealty.

But it’s been one media outlet in particular that has caught the president’s ire, even though it has so far been spared his Twitter rage: the Drudge Report. Publicly, Trump hasn’t said a peep about the highly popular news aggregator run by right-wing media impresario Matt Drudge. But privately, he has simmered over the critical coverage that the site has run and linked to, with regards to the impeachment proceedings.

“What’s going on with Drudge?” Trump has been asking allies since Democratic lawmakers launched the impeachment probe in late September, according to a person with knowledge of his private remarks. Two other sources who’ve heard the president complain told The Daily Beast that Trump has asked those close to him why they think Drudge and his website have seemed “so anti-Trump” lately.

Of course, seeing this I cannot help but throw everything on my desk onto the floor and smash my fan against the wall.

Trump had a literal army of media people who were much more relevant to the culture than Fox News or Matt Drudge, and he allowed them all to be silenced.

The list of now-banned people who supported Donald Trump in 2016 is too long to list.

But they include:

  • Daily Stormer
  • Alex Jones
  • Gavin McInnes
  • MILO
  • James O’Keefe

And literally tens of thousands of other people who have had their First Amendment rights stripped from them by a conspiracy of tech monopolies.

Daily Stormer was the first major news site to endorse Trump, doing so immediately after he called Mexicans rapists. And that is partially why we’ve been the most banned of anyone.

If it was not for this smothering attack on alternative media, no one would even be thinking about Fox News or Drudge. The media engaged in this conspiracy, calling for us to be silenced, claiming we are “dangerous,” so that they could have a complete and total lockdown on the distribution of information.

In the month before I had my website stolen from me, I had six million readers. And it would have been going up, up, up. As it is now, we’ve struggled to get back to half of that. Two years later.

All Trump had to do was enforce the law. There are all kinds of ways this could have been done, including by FCC decree. But instead, he let this happen to all of us, remained quiet, then held a social media censorship conference with a bunch of people who aren’t even censored – including the bastard Charlie Kirk who is in the process of destroying Trump’s presidency.

This is an “unforced error” extravaganza with this guy.

And it enrages me. It certainly appears that if it were not for my support for Donald Trump, I never would have been banned. Certainly that is the case with Alex Jones. They brought up this Sandy Hook stuff five years after he’d said it to silence him.

Meanwhile, the great villain Richard Spencer has not been censored on any platform – one has to imagine the fact that he is actively against Trump, going so far as to shill against him on CNN, is the primary reason for this.

The fact of reality is that Trump had a massive machine supporting him that would be 20 times the size it was in 2016 if he’d done something to preserve it. But he didn’t lift a finger.

And now here we are.

It’s lunacy.