Donald Trump Celebrating Gay Pride Month on Twitter

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 7, 2019

So I thought the whole “Make Anal Great Again” hat thing was really weird.

Then I went and checked out Donald Trump’s recent tweets…

So Let Me Ask You…

When did you realize these tweets were parody? Did you realize it? I assume you did realize it.

Understand that this is exactly what the media is currently trying to outlaw with their censorship campaign surrounding a parody video of Nancy Pelosi.

(Although it will only apply to Democrats, so technically these specific Trump tweets would be allowed.)

The claim is that parody is “doctoring” and is a way to manipulate democracy, because it could give someone a negative opinion of a Democrat politician. That is where the media is now trying to draw the line. These tweets – if Trump were a Democrat – are perfect examples of the kind of thing that the media is claiming needs to be made de facto illegal by a collaboration of all tech companies to ban it from the internet.

Think about that.

About This Whole Trump Faggot Outreach Thing…

The tweets are fake, but the gay hat is real. Trump is selling that on his website.

The selfsame president who is attempting to use evangelicals to drum up support for wars for Israel is the first Republican president to openly court homosexuals.

This is very obviously an Ivanka/Kushner thing. They’re telling him it doesn’t matter if it offends his Christian base because they have to vote for him, so he might as well just start promoting man-on-man anal in order to… in order to what? Does anyone think that fags are actually going to respond to this pandering? It’s almost like whoever told him to start promoting homosexuality just wanted him to look stupid.