Donald Trump Can’t Even Figure Out How to Host an Event in a Public Park

Well, at least he got that one rally in.

The Hill:

Former President Trump’s upcoming rally in Alabama has been canceled over partisan political concerns, NBC News affiliate WMTV reported Tuesday.

USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park commission chairman Bill Tunnell told the NBC News affiliate that the Republican party contacted them worried about the patriotic event turning into a “partisan political event” instead.

“After the request was made, then there was contact with the Republican Party, they contacted us and then it became apparent that it was going to be a partisan political event, rather than just a patriotic event planned for that evening,” Tunnell told WMTV.

Local Tea Party activist Pete Riehm told WMTV that some people just didn’t want Trump to speak at the event, adding that the cancellation raises concerns about freedom of speech.

“I’ll be honest, I feel some people just didn’t want it, not just it but President Trump,” he said. “If people can’t assemble in public places, where can we assemble?”

I think the point is that people who support Trump aren’t allowed to assemble anywhere, actually.

They’re definitely not allowed to assemble on the internet.

A banning from a public park sets a precedent that he can now be banned from other public places. Having it be a banning in deep red Alabama makes it especially gruesome.

If Trump had some kind of normal team, he could no doubt fight back against this and win. But as we’ve seen throughout his post-election situation, he is exclusively willing to involve totally incompetent people in his operations. He simply will not hire anyone with an average competence level, insisting on finding the most deficient people alive to manage his affairs. Honestly, I don’t even know where he finds these losers.

It’s sad that Trump is having these problems. I’m sad about it. I wish he could do better.

But I watched the Ohio speech, and I wrote about it. I am totally baffled as to what the purpose of what he is doing actually is. He can’t possibly think he can win an election in 2024, while the people who stole the election from him in 2020 have total control over the government, and he has made it abundantly clear he is unwilling to do anything interesting.

Interesting things:

  • I said that after they stole the election, he should have fled to Russia and declared himself “President in Exile.” Several countries, including Russia and China (the two biggest countries) would have recognized his claim, and it would have created a wonderful mess.
  • Right now, he could be pushing for a secessionist movement. The only competent Republican in the country is Ron DeSantis, and he’s been winning hand over fist against the feds. He also has been managing to bully other Republican governors into actually doing things. If I was Trump, having failed so consistently, I would get involved with that scene, instead of having anything to do with the federal government.

Frankly, after the way Trump drove the knife into the back of the 1/6 protesters, calling them terrorists and everything else, and after the way he refuses to even mention the name of Ashli Babbitt, who literally died fighting for him, I’ve lost any sense of allegiance to him. I still have some positive feelings, based on the history, and I do definitely miss him dearly, but I’m not going to pretend what he is doing is going anywhere.

Along with abandoning the 1/6 protesters, who are being tortured in prison, he has:

  • Consistently shilled the deadly vaccine. This makes zero sense – even if some of his supporters like the vaxx, they’re not going to like him more because he shills it. Meanwhile, basic polls show that the majority of his supporters are not only against the vaxx, but feel very strongly about it. So he is alienating all of these people for literally no reason. I was one of the biggest Trump supporters ever, but I think the vaxx is the single most important issue of our time, so he has completely alienated me.
  • Inexplicably attacked Bitcoin. This also makes no clear sense at all. Whose support is he trying to get by attacking Bitcoin? It would cost him nothing at all to support Bitcoin, and gain him the support of millions of Americans, who are more or less one issue voters when it comes to Bitcoin.
  • Supported horrible candidates, over and over. Basically, everyone Trump has endorsed has been the bottom of the barrel and the worst of the worst. He literally endorsed Tim Scott, who is a Black Lives Matter race hustler. What is the point of this? What purpose could it possibly serve?
  • (Apparently) convinced alternative video hosting site Rumble to ban criticism of the Jews. It appears that as part of the deal to get Trump to sign up for Rumble, he set the terms that they would have to ban “anti-Semitism.” This is another “wait, what?” thing. Trump is complaining about censorship, while lobbying for censorship on one of the few remaining alternative social media platforms.

And it goes on.

The only good things he’s doing are things that everyone already gets. He’s talking about how bad Joe Biden is. But who actually cares? We didn’t lose the 2020 election because of Democrats – we lost it because of traitors like Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, Trump’s own Supreme Court picks, and the various Republican governors who sided with the fraud. Those people are the threat. The Democrats are only able to hold power with their support.

Furthermore, no one supports the Democrats. No one who is a Trump supporter needs to be convinced that the Democrats are bad. So what is the point of focusing on them? It makes no sense, unless you are just trying to fill space. Which is the absolute vibe I got from his recent Ohio rally – he was just filling space.

Nick Fuentes made similar comments about this.

Bizarrely, there were people in Nick’s comments defending not only Trump, but his shilling of this deadly vaxx.

That Pepe poster is retarded.

It’s just statistically wrong, even based on fake polls.

The same polls show that Trump has about 70% support among Republicans.

It’s pretty obvious that a Trump-supporting Republican is more likely to be anti-vaxx than an anti-Trump Republican, so if you put these two data points together, you have a situation where Trump is directly alienating more than half his support base by shilling this vaccine.

And what single benefit is it to him to keep pressing this issue?

This, more than anything else, shows just how completely out of touch he is. Just a few minutes on the internet can show, definitively, that ranting on about how great the vaccine is does much more damage than good, yet he insists on doing that.

This makes it clear that he has no strategy, that he isn’t even really trying.

The fact that a majority of people in Nick Fuentes’ replies are siding with Trump and his vaccine demonstrates what I said as soon as Trump started his apology tour for January 6: Trump hanging around is really bad for the right-wing movement in America.

What exactly is he bringing to the table here?

By any metric, it’s all downsides.

Donald Trump is a great man of history, who changed the course of history, but there just isn’t anything good he can do by continuing to be involved in politics.