Donald Trump Appears with Laura Ingraham to Discuss Top Issues

The Elected President of America Donald Trump appeared on Laura Ingraham on Thursday night.

He talked about Joe Biden’s weird and surreal press conference and about the surreal China meeting.

Laura played a clip of Bernie Sanders telling the Jews that it was wrong to remove Trump from Twitter. Trump kind of sadly claimed that he prefers being banned from Twitter, but he is also planning to maybe start his own social media company.

On Sunday, a Trump advisor said that he was going to start a social media company “in the next few months,” but Trump didn’t want to confirm that.

He did accurately state that Twitter is now very boring.

But this interview was also kind of boring. I’m the number one person who misses Donald Trump every day, but this interview just seemed largely sad.

Trump is doing nothing but talking points, most of which are not really very good talking points. What was great about Twitter, and about his press conferences and public events, was that Trump would veer off of talking points and just start saying whatever the hell.

I would have hoped that having been forced out of the White House by this conspiracy, Trump would be out there just saying whatever kind of crazy crap. But instead he appears on shows rarely, and when he does it’s like this, and he’s saying “oh I made the vaccine” and “oh I freed all these black crack dealers” – not even just talking points, but the worst and least popular talking points.

Who is running this show?

Whoever is running this show should be fired.

I can tell you that even if Donald Trump does start a social media company, and even if he doesn’t face mass censorship (he will), it’s not going to work, and it’s going to be run like garbage. There will be all kinds of censorship of his own supporters.

Basically, the thing is: the Trump movement is over. At least insofar as Trump the man is concerned, this is over. He is not doing anything useful, and he is not even saying anything important.

I have said this: the focus should be on secession. Maybe, if someone else gets that ball running, Trump would endorse that. That would be good. But otherwise, I just don’t see him really doing anything that is good or useful, now or in the future.