Donald J. Trump is Now President of the United States of America

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 29, 2016


Go ahead. Count the survivors.

The US Presidential election ended yesterday.

Little information has come out since I reported on the situation 20 or so hours ago.

Both sides have demanded James Comey release more information, and he hasn’t even made a public statement.

But the situation is clear.

Hillary Clinton is now facing certain indictment. There is simply no way this investigation would have been reopened 11 days before the election if that were not the case.

No one is going to vote for a Presidential candidate who may well be in prison a few weeks after she takes office. If they’re continuing the investigation through November, she could well be locked-up before she has a chance to be sworn in.

She is now nonviable. I half expect that they will pull her before Monday. Well, maybe not half-expect. Quarter-expect, perhaps. I don’t even know if they’re allowed to pull her at this point. I think they would have to put in Kaine.

So far she’s made only a three sentence comment on it, and her staff has said nothing but that the FBI needs to explain more. Basically, they appear to believe they still own the FBI. But if they did own the FBI right now, this wouldn’t have happened. There’s no way.

The most logical analysis I have seen is that the agents of the FBI were revolting because of Comey’s criminal collusion, and they exerted some form of pressure on him. I’m not sure what form of pressure they would have that would carry more weight than the pressure Hillary has.


Basically, we’ve witnessed Kek intervention.

A lot of people were saying Trump was going to win no matter what, and I kept that face up on the site. But tbh fam, I was a bit worried. They are going to have all these illegals voting, which will make a difference. They’re going to do bussing. etc.

Trump could contest it, but his only real leverage would be to threaten a putsch. And though I love this idea, I’m not 100% sure it would have actually happened.

But now, none of that matters.

Because not even the kike media can continue portraying Hillary as a viable candidate.

We’ve won, brothers.

All of our hard work this year has paid off.

And make no mistake – every meme you posted, every comments section you trolled – all of that is what made this happen.

Kek sent us Trump. Sent the crazy old bastard right down an elevator into our laps.


And then he said “DO IT FAGGOTS.”

And we did it.

We memed Jeb into a character of an obsessive cuckold weirdo.


We memed Ted Cruz into Lyin Ted Cruzman Sachs.


We memed Hillary into a freefall collapse of Hillary on 9/11.


And now we’ve pulled-off the greatest meme of all time:

They’re going to lock her up.


Take a bow, brothers.

This is a small step for memes. But it is a giant leap for our agenda to secure a homeland for our people and a future for White children.

I’m still a little bit in shock.

This joy that I feel – I cannot describe it.

There is actually a very decent chance that by November 9th, I will actually be tired of winning.


In Conclusion

Dear kikes: remember when I told you “now is not the time for fear, that comes later?”


It is now “later.”

The night has never been darker and our enemies have never been closer.

But lo, the people rejoice, and they sing songs of gladness.


For The Don is rising.

And soon, the swamp will be drained, and our enemies shall know justice.

Hail Victory.