Don Jr.’s Most Brilliant Analysis Yet

Don Jr., son of Don Sr. (president), has made a brilliant analogy on his Instagram account.

I used to constantly get Don Jr. confused with Carl’s Jr.

No more.

Henceforth, I will always remember Don Jr. as the guy who created the best analogy of all to explain what is going on here.

It’s just like The Lion King.

Sadly, it’s become much like The Little Mermaid as well.

Remember that part where King Triton was turned into a worm by a psychotic woman, as the end result of complications regarding a selfish and weird relationship his daughter was involved in?

But yeah, comparing the foreigners that Joe Biden is planning to flood America with to rabid hyenas is fair enough.

But obviously in the analogy, Don Jr. is suggesting that he is Simba and he will come and retake the throne from Scar.

That’s not going to happen, I can tell you that. Don Jr. has something wrong with him, where he’s stuck in some kind of loop of memes from 2015.

Did you know he literally published a book called “Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us”?

If he really wanted to be edgy, he would have called the book “Niggered: How the Blacks Thrive on Welfare and Want to Stab Us.”

If there was any fun left in the universe, we could turn on the TV and see Sean Hannity say “the president’s son is here to talk about his new book that is called ‘Niggered.'”


Further investigation has uncovered that Don Jr. did post a kind of okay meme recently: