Don Jr. Owns the Libs with #VaxxVote Tweets

You might be sitting there asking: “where is Donald Trump Jr.?”

The answer is: he’s out there on the prowl, owning the libs!

He tweeted that the Democrats would like it if people were required to show proof of vaccination in order to vote – and the Dems agreed with him!

Silly Dems!

Jr. then gloated about the stupidity of these Demon-RATs.

You ? Can’t ? Make ? This ? Shit ? Up ?!


What exactly is proved by pointing out Democrat hypocrisy – and more importantly, who is it proved to?

Democrats have completely shown that they do not care about any underlying principles, and the only thing they do care about is ramming through their agenda.

Earlier today, I ran across a video of a really grimy brown skank justifying mass censorship, and this is relevant to the discussion at hand – she just says outright that free speech doesn’t matter and anyone who disagrees with the government should just be silenced completely. She doesn’t feel any need to put forward any philosophical, ideological or otherwise moral justification for her position.

That is the overwhelming view of the Democrats in total. None of them feel the need to give any sort of rational justification for any of their positions. That is because leftism is a feminine ideology – have you ever seen a woman need a moral justification for her actions, in any context?

Conversely, the conservatives do supposedly have some kind of underlying ideological motivation. In theory, you could get the Republicans to be forced to admit they are violating their own stated value system.

What’s more, the Republicans are the REASON all of this is happening. If Republicans would have held the line against censorship, against the Russia hoax, against the virus hoax, against the BLM hoax, against the mail-in voting hoax, against the election theft hoax – none of these things would have happened. Republicans had the ability to prevent all of these Democrat agendas, but they were under no obligation to prevent any of these things, as they know that all of their own voters will just continue attacking the Democrats, who they have no ability to influence or hold to account.

It’s crazy that all these conservative leaders do nothing but attack the Democrats while their own party sides with the Democrats! It’s actually pathological!

The entire Fox News machine was based around outrage porn over Democrats, and never discussing what our own Republican elected representatives are doing. Everyone just follows this model, even while no one is able to explain the point of it, or what any of the goals are.