Don Jr. is Next

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 31, 2019

Yesterday, I wrote an piece attempting to inform the President that if he doesn’t get it together and shut down the Mueller Probe, his First Born Son is the next in line for a pre-dawn raid and life in prison for some procedural crime relating to the investigation.

The Jews and their demon god, you see, have this thing about first born sons.

But aside from anything so esoteric, he is simply the next in line.

I’ve stopped doing my long write-ups of the various developments in this probe, simply because they took a lot out of me emotionally and got relatively few clicks, because the audience of this site tends to look at this and say “oh more bullshit” and not have much desire to know the ins and outs of it. I could see the stuff being used by people a lot bigger than me, so it was probably worth it, but I just couldn’t take it anymore.

But I’ll just give a brief refresher here of what has led up to the impending indictment of Donald Trump Jr.

Everyone Mueller is charging in this probe is being charged with what we call “procedural crimes.” That is to say, charged with crimes that stem from the investigation itself, rather than crimes relating to what it is that is supposed to be being investigated.

(This is excluding charges for crimes completely unrelated to anything involving the case, such as tax fraud, and excluding indictments of random Russians who Mueller knows won’t ever show up. On the latter point, Putin publicly offered to allow Mueller to come to Moscow and interview these people and he said he had no interest in doing that.)

Let me go through the list here real quick:

  1. George Papadopoulos, former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser: pleaded guilty to making false statements to the FBI
  2. Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign chair: pleaded guilty to crimes relating to working in the Ukraine and taxes before he met Trump, then was charged with lying to Mueller
  3. Rick Gates, a former Trump campaign aide: pleaded guilty to false statements to Mueller council
  4. Michael Flynn, Trump’s former national security adviser: pleaded guilty to making false statements to the FBI
  5. Michael Cohen, Trump’s longtime Jew lawyer: Pleaded guilty to a bunch of Jewish money swindles, then also pleaded guilty to something about paying off a porn star; later pleaded guilty to lying to Congress about a building in Russia
  6. Roger Stone, Trump’s friend and conspiracy theorist: indicted on 7 counts  involving lying to Congress and witness tampering (threatening to murder a dog)

In the case of Flynn, James Comey actually went on television and bragged about how he set him up in a “perjury trap” (purposefully tricked him into committing a federal crime by lying to federal cops).

The audience laughed when he said he told Flynn not to bring a lawyer, that it was informal and he had nothing to worry about. They laughed when he said he wouldn’t have done it to another administration.

So this is what the prerogative of the FBI is: to entrap people in the Trump administration into committing crimes. Though the Flynn interview took place before the appointment of Mueller – the appointment of Mueller by Rod Rosenstein was a result of the firing of Comey – Mueller has followed that model laid out by Comey.

They’re not going to convict anyone of doing a conspiracy with Russia, because that didn’t happen.

Daily reminder: even though the media continues to say it is a “fact” that the Russians hacked the DNC, there is still not a single government official that has examined that server, and the only people who have made the claim to have proof that it was hacked by Russia is a private security group called “Crowdstrike,” a company run by an ethnic Russian anti-Putin activist, which has been caught lying about Russian hacking when investigating an alleged case of that in the Ukraine.

Crowdstrike was hired by the DNC and has worked directly for the FBI in the past.

When asked by Congress how he knew for a fact that the Russians hacked the DNC, he said that Crowdstrike confirmed that they found malware which are the fingerprints. He did not elaborate. Any IT professional knows this is bullshit, and yet the media continues to simply state it as a fact that Russia “meddled in the election.” If pressed on this issue, they will pivot to alleged memes posted on Facebook by Russians.

All of that is to say, they’re sure as hell not going to convict anyone of anything relating to a Russian conspiracy, and they knew that from the outset. The FBI and the DOJ both knew that Trump didn’t collude with Russia, because they had been spying on him using a FISA warrant gained by defrauding a FISA court with the fake “pissgate” dossier in October of 2016.

So they went into this whole thing knowing that the strategy was this:

  1. Play up a whole bunch of sensational kook bullshit in the media – stuff that would be laughed out of even the most corrupt of federal courts, but can be published in the NYT and aired on CNN as if it is objective truth
  2. Pour through people’s entire lives and try to find some kind of tax thing or something
  3. Trick people into lying to feds
  4. Have the media conflate tax crimes and procedural crimes with sensational kook bullshit

And just in point of fact with regards to the relationship between the Mueller team and the media: CNN was outside of Roger Stone’s house awaiting the FBI raid. Stone’s own lawyers didn’t know the raid was coming. This means, for an absolute fact, that the Mueller team has a direct line to CNN.

Not that we needed an official confirmation of collusion between the feds and the media, but that is an official confirmation.

Framing Donald Jr.

On June 9, 2016, Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort met with a Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, in Trump Tower, on the premise that she had opposition research on Hillary Clinton. The meeting was arranged by British-Jewish music producer Rob Goldstone on behalf of an Azerbaijani pop singer who is the son of a Moscow-based billionaire.

Veselnitskaya is a relatively high-profile figure who has been working in America lobbying against the Magnitsky Act, the law through which sanctions against Russian businessmen are enacted.

There is nothing illegal about opposition research, there is nothing illegal about meeting with someone of a foreign nationality about opposition research. Clinton spent 6-figures funding the Steele “pissgate” dossier, and Steele was a foreign national – British – working with Russians.

As it turned out, Veselnitskaya had no opposition research, and she and her people had simply used that pretext to get a meeting with the team of a man likely to be the next President of the United States to whine about sanctions. The meeting lasted 20 minutes.

Don Jr. initially lied publicly about the meeting, saying it had something to do with adoption of Russian orphans. It is probably true that his dad told him to use this line. He later admitted that the purpose was to gather information on Clinton, but that the woman just rambled about sanctions. It has been more or less admitted by the feds, and definitively stated by Congress, that this second account is true.

Nonetheless, the media continues to bring this meeting up as if it is part of proof of a conspiracy between the Trump team and the Russian government to do whatever this conspiracy is. I don’t really know what the conspiracy is supposed to be. No one does. I guess it is a conspiracy to release Wikileaks emails, primarily, and maybe a conspiracy to post various memes on Facebook. The media isn’t ever specific with these things, but they claim that this meeting must have involved some kind of discussion about whatever the conspiracy is.

It is obviously insane that if there was any kind of conspiracy, it would be coordinated through meetings done in public in Trump Tower with all of these email and text message records of it. If they had found some coded message email sent through an intermediary, and discovered that members of the Trump Team met with Russian spies on a bench in Central Park, okay, we could be having a real discussion about that being suspicious.

But using normal non-encrypted communication channels to arrange a meeting in their own building with a high-profile Russian lawyer in order to hold a conference on what is alleged to be the biggest conspiracy in American political history?

Are you joking? 

The media isn’t joking, they just assume the public is incapable of using any form of basic critical thinking. And they are correct.

But there is no way in hell Mueller is going to indict Don Jr. for being at this meeting as part of a Russian conspiracy. Again, no matter how corrupt the court is, they just couldn’t possibly do anything with this.

However, he’s done interviews with Congress and probably also the feds relating to this meeting. 

And I can guarantee you, they set up some question where he was purposefully tripped up and said something false.

It has not yet been revealed that he talked to the feds about the meeting, but I would assume that during the same period that Flynn was entrapped, agents were sent to talk to Don Jr. And he had the opinion of “well, I didn’t do anything wrong, I can just go tell them that.”

And even if that didn’t happen, they will be able to charge him for lying to Congress.

The Next Thing That Happens

The Mueller team is going to raid Donald Trump Jr. and charge him with lying to Congress and/or lying to the FBI in relation to this meeting.

The media will then spin it all back to their ongoing claims about how the meeting was part of a Russian conspiracy to do Wikileaks or post memes or whatever.

You then have another crucifixion.

Roger Stone predicted as far back as August of last year that Don Jr.’s day was coming. He claimed he’d be charged with lying to the FBI, and maybe he knows that Don Jr. did talk to the FBI. He would be more likely to know that than the rest of us. But again: it doesn’t matter. They will charge him with lying to Congress, like they charged Stone (and Cohen) with lying to Congress. Stone is a conspiracy theorist, he didn’t talk to the FBI because he knew better, and he still got charged. Unlike the FBI, you don’t have a choice as to whether you testify before Congress, and you can’t bring your lawyer.

This will happen.

By refusing to get Jared Kushner out of the White House, and allowing him – or rather, (((the people he represents))), I don’t think he is making these decisions himself – to make decisions about things like the Mueller probe, Trump is sacrificing his first born son to the Jews.


After I published the piece yesterday, someone suggested that I add a “call to action” at the end of it, like I used to do in the old days.

The reason those are “the old days” is because Twitter has gotten so hardcore about banning, and requires a new phone number for each new account, that it really isn’t effective to do a call to action like that anymore. But I thought, “what the hell, might as well give it a go.”

I told people to go tell Don Jr. that he needs to tell his dad to get it together or he’s going to prison. I suggested the hashtag #DonJrIsNext.

When I then went to check this morning if anyone was able to get a tweet through, I was shocked when the hashtag autofilled.

But then I scrolled down.

It wasn’t our people using the hashtag. It is the NPCs.

They are themselves saying Don Jr. is next.

Because it is that obvious.

The media is actively guiding them into this.

Blumenthal is Already Saying It

The Jewish Senator Richard Blumenthal is already claiming that Don Jr. lied to Congress.

He made these statements to Jewish talkshow host Rachel Maddow on Tuesday, just three days after the raid on Roger Stone.

I was in the room when a great many of these witnesses appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee behind closed doors. I think many of them should be called back to testify in public, and I hope that will true of other congressional committees as well. Because behind closed doors, there arose in my mind very clear questions — serious issues — concerning their truthfulness. And that issue pertained particularly to Donald Trump Jr. in a number of his contentions before our committee. So I think this common thread of lying to Congress and particularly to congressional committees may ensnare a number of other potential targets in the special counsel’s investigation, and become a matter of criminal action.

Blumenthal, like every other Jew in Congress, has played a key role in the Russian hoax.

Furthermore, it was just reported on Wednesday by the Daily Beast that Don Jr. met with an Israeli Jew in 2015 to discuss a plot to meddle in the election. I doubt that will go anywhere (it might), but it just shows that the machine is now moving in a very specific direction.

It’s only a matter of time.

What is President Donald Trump going to do when they come for his first born son?

This is all about Jared Kushner.

That is the long and short of it.

Trump could end this in a day if he wanted to. He could shut down the Mueller probe and he could get millions of people marching on Washington to support him. If federal judges tried to stop it, he could have them arrested for sedition. He could have all of these people involved in this conspiracy arrested for sedition. The entire FBI could be shut down. He could order the military to do it if necessary. And if the generals refused orders, he could order troops to relieve any commanding officer who refused the orders of the commander-in-chief – using deadly force, if necessary.

All the way down the line, there are real life solutions to these problems.

But instead, we’re talking about a war against Venezuela.

Is there a situation where Ivanka is the only one that matters, and the entire course of civilization will be steered based on her whims, which happen to coincide with the whims of her Jewish husband?

How do Eric and Tiffany feel about their father throwing Don Jr. under the bus to keep Ivanka happy?

How does Melania feel about it?

How does Barron feel about it?

When he’s old enough, they’ll put him in prison too, Donald.

If you think they won’t, then you have learned absolutely nothing.

I hope Melania has taught him Russian, because as soon as this slow-motion train wreck blows up in your face, that’s where any of your loved ones who can manage to get out of the country before their passports get canceled are going to be spending the rest of their lives.

It will be a reverse Romanov situation.

Because the same blood-sucking levantine parasites that killed the Czar and shot all his children are on your back.

And in your home.