Don Draper Stars in the Most Brazen Anti-White Video I’ve Ever Seen

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 7, 2018


I barely made it all the way through. But I could smell the Jew-Hipster irony emanating from this trash video, and knew I had to deconstruct this piece of shit. They even got the actor who was associated with 50s masculinity to totally debase himself on camera.

On some level, I found it funny because it was mocking cuckservatives and boomers, not people that think like us. But it gets really creepy when the nigger dresses down Don Draper and tells him that he’s being used because Americans trust his white face, and that he has to subvert White people with his skills.


But then it gets super meta and he says that rubbing mud on your face cures you of “whiteness.” And then literally says that his medicine will make you come to terms with the destruction of White culture.

Yes, he actually says that.

And then in the end, some chick writes over messenger that people should spend less time deconstructing Whiteness and more time putting forward a positive version of Blackness.

The black guy agrees. And you can almost feel a way of relief sweeping over “Amelia.”


Now, the Jews and the non-Whites used to just deny that they were going to destroy White people’s culture and White people. But now with the concept of “White Fragility” they can basically pre-empt the nascent White resistance to their disenfranchisement.

Come up with a smart-sounding term and watch people completely fold in on themselves.

“White Fragility” is that new term.

If you start feeling uncomfortable about the blatant anti-White sentiment of your black coworkers, the news, or whatever, you’re not justified in feeling this way. You’ve got a condition. You’re suffering from White Fragility. You’re making a fuss over your culture’s destruction is unreasonable, everything will be fine, it’s all good, and if you disagree, you’re basically being over-sensitive and need to chill out. Chill like the niggers, who are the final arbiters of what’s cool or not.

It’s an interesting argument.

Previous arguments used to work on White people’s sense of morality. This one plays on younger White people’s desire to be cool. And getting worked up about shit isn’t cool. Just chill out and let the black guy speak at you. To do otherwise is to be a square.

You don’t want to be a square do you?

And obviously, it goes without saying, “White Fragility” is a kike-term. No nigger thought this up on their own. College kike professors did.

Let’s not forget that.