Dominion’s Dr. Coomer Explains How to Bypass Security on Voting Machines

Dr. Eric Coomer is a top boss at Dominion Voting Systems, the company that hijacked the 2020 election for Joe Biden.

Coomer is a member of Antifa and an anti-Trump activist.

Here is a 2016 video of Coomer (real name) explaining how to bypass security on the Dominion machines.

This is the second video the internet has found of the Dominion employee explaining how to commit fraud, coming after the first video, which was from 2017.

Isn’t this enough to declare the entire election nullified and demand a do-over with paper ballots?

The basic concept of electronic voting machines is insane.

It becomes more insane when the company is run by activists for one party.

When you get to the point where these activists are openly saying, “here’s how you can change votes” – then it is beyond the pale.