Dominican Republic Officially Bans “Child Marriage”

The rapid social transformation of the third world marches on.

When the ball drops for 2022, every single third world country will be on exactly the same level as the West.

Euro Weekly News:

The Dominican Republic has definitively banned child marriage.

The Chamber of Deputies of the Dominican Republic ended 2020 with an approval of the bill that bans child marriage in the country, where girls from the age of 15 were previously allowed to marry.

The violation of this law will be punished with a lesser sentence of imprisonment of two to five years and fines of around €8,000 to €17,000, in addition to the annulment of the marriage.

According to official data, 36 per cent of Dominican girls and adolescents marry or unite before the age of 18, which is the highest rate in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In 12% of unions, the bride was less than 15 years old, a figure that doubles the average of weddings before the age of 15 in Latin America according to UNICEF data.

“Child marriage” being bad is a stupid hoax.

Girls should be married off at whatever time it is they are having sex, otherwise you’re promoting mass whoredom.

I don’t think any serious person believes that teenage girls are not having sex. So what you’re saying when you say “they shouldn’t get married” is that they should have sex outside of marriage.

There are basically an infinite number of studies that link marriage happiness and divorce rates to the number of men a woman has had sex with before her husband. It’s not some secret. No study has ever found that marriage is more successful if the woman has had more sex partners before marriage.

That is just the basic facts. Actually, it’s science.

So when they attack “child marriage,” which is actually “teen marriage” (teenagers are not children), they are attacking the institution of marriage itself.

Every traditional society in history had early marriage (for women, sometimes also for men, but always for women). The people pulling the strings on society know this, which is why they are obsessed with abolishing it.

In this brave new world we are building, anything that leads to a healthy society has to be destroyed, and that includes something as seemingly inconsequential as the marriage age in the Dominican Republic. All of humanity has to be forced to forget that it is possible to have such a thing as a healthy society.

There are so many of these “getting the whole world on board” stories that I can’t really give them all their own analysis, so I’ll just note here that Kazakhstan just abolished the death penalty. You can add that to the list of ch-ch-ch-changes.