DOJ Tells FBI to Investigate Parents Who Complain to School Boards as Domestic Terrorists

Coming now to a PTA meeting near you.

The Jewish Department of Justice, run by the senile old Jew Merrick Garland, has released an official memo ordering the FBI to “address the rise in criminal conduct directed toward school personnel.”

This refers to people going to school boards and getting mad about critical race theory, teaching hardcore gay anal and tranny ideology, and complaining about coronavirus measures.

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Tucker Carlson covered this on Tuesday, in his opening segment.

He goes through what triggered this, which was a complaint from the National School Boards Association. The complaint stated that people disagreeing with them are “domestic terrorists.”

They cite the example of people laughing at that little faggot who said his grandma died because people didn’t wear enough masks.

These people are literally saying: “laughing at this whiny mask faggot is a hate crime committed by domestic terrorists.”

That’s um. That’s not an exaggeration.

Certainly saying the vax is deadly at a school board meeting is terrorism.

As definitely is saying that if the school force vaxes your kids, it will be 1776 all over again.

All these crying women – terrorists.

I don’t know if the ones complaining about the masks are the more extreme terrorists – or if it’s the ones complaining about child dick-sucking in children’s books.

Anyone in these viral clips from school board meetings – they’re all terrorists.

Here’s a n – a nasty colored gentleman explaining it.

He’s claimed that when people get mad at school boards, it’s terrorism. And he cites internet death threats. He plays a clip from one of the school board women who is complaining, claiming she’s received death threats.

As the reader is aware, “internet death threats” are a false trope and a canard against the internet population. I’ve been repeatedly accused of “inspiring death threats,” and my reply has always been the same: “then arrest them! It’s against the law to send people messages threatening to kill them, and it’s not generally very difficult to find out who sent an internet message!”

But no one is ever arrested for these internet death threats. Furthermore, there is never even a statement from authorities that any specific internet death threat is being investigated. Most damningly, none of these people ever publish any of the internet death threats.

(What maybe happens is that people get mean messages – sending people mean messages is not against the law – and then characterize them as “death threats.” Or, they don’t get any messages at all, and they just make this up. What is clear is that the FBI is very quick to arrest people who make actual threats on the internet, and in none of these situations of politically unpopular leftists complaining about “internet death threats” am I aware of anyone being arrested.)

“I got an internet death threat” is equivalent of “an angel spoke to me.” It is informationally a useless statement.

Furthermore: the parents themselves who complain at these school board meetings are not being accused of making the internet death threats. The Jewish Department of Justice is claiming that they are responsible for “inspiring” them, and that this is now domestic terrorism.

As Tucker says: this is an indicator that a lot more things you thought you were allowed to do are about to become illegal. This “domestic terrorist” label is going to start being thrown around very, very liberally.

In fact, it almost seems like throwing the “terrorist” label on parents angry that their 5-year-old is being taught to suck dick (and of course put his mask back on as soon as the grown man he is sucking ejaculates all over his face) is a way of creating a huge leeway for what is or is not “terrorism.”

I’ve said repeatedly that the child tranny agenda was meant to be way, way out there: if you are willing to agree with child trannies, then there is nothing you won’t agree to. So when they established child trannies as “legal” and “normal” and “morally righteous,” that meant that no one who is on-board with the leftist agenda can ever say “okay, wait a minute – this is going too far now.” There is really nothing more insane than grooming toddlers to become homosexuals and trannies. So if you agree to that, there is nothing you won’t agree with.

Similarly, if a parent who is giggling at a little faggot whining about how people need to be forced to wear masks are “terrorists,” then anyone can be a terrorist.

A few days ago, Supreme Ruler of the Universe Anthony Fauci said that people need to accept that they have to give up their personal freedom. This got overshadowed in the right-wing media by his plans to steal Christmas, but this was actually much scarier.

He was speaking to Canadians (most of whom, if they are male, are already born with dicks in their mouths).

“There comes a time when you have to give up what you consider your individual right of making your own decision,” the ultimate shaper of physical matter itself explained.

If giggling at a whiny little faggot is now domestic terrorism, do you think vax refusal won’t be soon?

What about promoting anti-vax materials?

If the Attorney Jewrel is already saying it is terrorism to go to a school board and complain about forced masking – or anything else considered “right wing” – then it’s just common sense that a pastor who tells people not to take the vax is a domestic terrorist.

Things are about to start moving real fast, kids.

Joe Biden is preparing for the speed – he had his ear lobes surgically removed to make his head more aerodynamic.

I’m just joking – I don’t really believe Joe Biden is a clone or an actor or whatever.

I’m just – I do believe that.

But it’s not the point.

The point is: it’s happening.

And at the same time that these people are squeezing you from the top, wild jungle savages are going to be squeezing you from the bottom.

Did you see this video from Philly, of the People of Melanin doing donuts around the cop car – with the door open?

But if you complain about that, it’s racism (pure hatred for the color of the skin).

This is Justin Baragona (he’s a The Daily Beast “journalist”):

You do have to kinda wonder how someone like that thinks they’re going to fare when blacks take over every city, while police are out arresting parents.

Looking at that guy’s face, I don’t really suspect that the average gang member would have too much respect for him.

Unless the police protect him – which, after his nagging, they have now officially sworn not to do – this situation lies in his future: a group of black men surrounding him, with their wild-eyed leader with the twitching eye saying, “you got that good fat all on you, boy. Mmmm. Them is be good for eatin’. Now turn your fat ass around and show me that asshole, Miss Piggy. Yeah, lemme get a good look at it. You skin soft like a lady, huh, Miss Piggy?”

It’s just shocking the way these soy people apparently imagine that when the cannibal gangs rise, that saying “no, no! I support you! I posted tweets calling other white people racists for saying you were committing too many crimes!” is going to save them from getting gang-sodomized and BBQ’d.

But hey – whatever.

Justin Baragona’s problems are not my problems.

My problem is this:

At the same time law enforcement is making a point to say that they’re going to hunt down parents who speak out at school board meetings, they are explicitly saying that they’re not going to do anything about blacks going buckwild.

What that means is that at the same time you’ve got the government coming down on you, you’ve got the blacks coming up at you.

And here you are – stuck in the middle with Jews.