Doing It Wrong: The Jews Echo Themselves in an Attempt to Reverse-Meme the Alt-Right

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 3, 2016


Just like Hilary has no strategy to fight The Leader, the Jews have no strategy to fight the Alt-Right. We’ve created something entirely new, and this system of name-calling has stopped working.

I’ve been telling them to pivot for years now, to make this game a little bit more interesting.

“You’re an evil Nazi who wants to gas six million Jews” used to work against the faggoty cucks who would reply, “nonnononononono, I swear, I don’t hate anyone, nationalism isn’t about hate, I just don’t want to be exterminated! Please!”

It was an obvious fact that apologizing simply didn’t work, and myself and others promoted the idea that we needed a new strategy.

And a new strategy we formulated.

Now, when these kikes say that the rising neo-Nazi Alt-Right movement wants to gas the six million, we’re just like “yeah I know right, lol, get in the oven, filthy kike – daddy needs a new pair of lampshades.”


Combine this with our memes, which are luring the youth into our CULT OF VICTORY with witty cleverness, and these Jews who have for decades been able to easily shout-down anyone standing-up for the rights of Whites have lost their ability to fight us.

They’ve been freaking out.

Finally, they’ve tried something new and innovative. After the TRS echo meme was whined about by the NYT Jew Weisman, and then addressed in an article on the Jew site mic, the Jews have begun a trend of echoing themselves.



Even the SPLC is doing it! And they claim not to be a Jewish organization!

Apparently, Yair Rosenberg, a writer for Tablet, came up with this scheme.

VICE interviewed him:

They want Jews to know they’re going after them,” Rosenberg told me. “It’s a signal to Jews and it’s a signal to people in their own group. It’s not that they want it to be a secret, but they don’t want to explain it to people. It’s a wink and a nod to other neo-Nazis and to Jews.

Rosenberg says the parentheses show up in seemingly innocuous Reddit posts, on alt-right blogs, in emails from readers, and all the time in his Twitter mentions.

Thursday evening, Rosenberg and other prominent Jewish writers started taking back that signal in an effort to raise awareness about what neo-Nazis are doing, to declare publicly that they are indeed Jewish, and to troll the increasingly prominent alt-right. Rosenberg’s Twitter name is now (((Yair Rosenberg))); Atlantic national correspondent Jeffrey Goldberg’s name is now (((Goldberg))); Foreign Policy fellow Jamie Kirchick is (((Jamie Kirchick))) and so on.

After Rosenberg and Goldberg tweeted about changing their names, dozens of other people on Twitter followed suit. Now, a lot of non-Jews have started adding parentheses around their names as an act of solidarity (and to confuse and mock Neo-Nazis).

But will it really confuse them?

In what way?

And rather than mocking them, isn’t it just a way to confirm to them their growing importance, and embolden them?

Are you sure you’re doing this right, Jew?

“A lot of times my strategy for dealing with trolls is to just ignore it, but sometimes you can mess with them back and make fun of them and in doing that, you raise awareness,” Rosenberg said. “If you mock them publicly, you make people laugh at them, and that annoys them, but at the same time you’re making people aware that this is out there.

“If you just scream about something and get angry, the only people who see it is people who already agree with you,” he added. “No doubt it’s concerning [that neo-Nazis are doing this], but our parentheses are a fun way to mess with the Nazis and not be super negative about it or depress people.

Where is the data indicating that feeding trolls annoys them?

And why would you purposefully raise awareness of a political group whose entire conquest strategy is based on memetics?

This is the first time I have ever almost felt bad for Jews – and I’ve seen Schlinder’s List!

I mean.

This is desperation central station – next stop:


Important Note!

Though it really just goes without saying at this point, I have a message for the “moderate” White activists:

I told you so.