Dogs are Trillions of Times More Loyal Than Stupid Whores

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 9, 2018

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Meanwhile, dogs are very good people, and will always be loyal to you.

With modern “dating” and “girlfriend” culture, men today apparently feel they need the company of women, and that is disgusting and depraved.

I have always said: if you feel the need for a girlfriend, get a dog, hit up a hooker twice a month, and the drive to have a girlfriend goes away.

A dog will never abuse you, it will never take your money, it will never leave you for a nigger.

Press Democrat:

A dog left behind as the Camp fire swept through Butte County last month was found “protecting what was left of his former home” when his owners were finally allowed back onto their burned property earlier this week.

K9 Paw Print Rescue shared the happy story of golden retriever Madison and his relieved owners in a Facebook post on Dec. 5, shared more than 9,500 times.

The dog’s owner “hoped and prayed” he would be OK, according to the rescue organization’s post.

Pet rescue volunteer Shayla Sullivan, who had previously met Madison’s owner on another rescue, returned to the burned property often to put out fresh food and water for the missing animal, also leaving an article of the owner’s clothing.

And it worked. When his owners returned, there he sat.

“He never gave up on his people,” wrote Sullivan. “He didn’t give up through the storm or the fire!”

Dogs are good people.

They are the best friends you will find, and the most loyal of all creatures. Unlike a woman, which is the most disloyal and snakelike creature this side of a slithering Jew.