Dog-Eating Democrat Congressman Admits He Would Love to Regulate Your Speech

Gottfried Sturmherr
Daily Stormer
December 14, 2018

Mark Dice is not holding back anymore. I have a distinct feeling that he is running against Tucker Carlson for “Daily Stormer’s Male Media Sweetheart.” In the female race there is obviously no competition to Queen Ann, nor can there ever be.

Yesterday’s Mark Dice video featured Ted Lieu in the Congressional hearing of Google’s CEO. Lieu went on CNN to talk about that and he said some very revealing things: “I would love to be able to regulate content of speech. The 1st Amendment prevents me from doing so. I would urge these private sector companies to regulate it better themselves but it’s really nothing that I believe government can do and that’s been my position all along.

The totally not Fake News media is very pleased with this. making him effectively the champion of the Democrat party.

Mark points out that Chuck Schumer (J-NY) tweeted in a foreign language calling him, now get this, “a foreign agent trying to overthrow our country from within.” Schumer tweeted in Spanish, not Hebrew, however, nobody thinks Schumer is a latinx. Everybody knows he is a lying, disgusting, subversive kike.

You can’t get any closer to naming the Jew than this. And he has 1.3M subscribers. Getting his Youtube account shut down for being more explicit than he needs to be would be stupid. We hear you, loud and clear.

You would think there is only so much you can fit into a five minute video, right?

Dice goes on to defend Ann Coulter and her remarks about the Democratic Party’s fragile coalition of degenerates, united only by their hatred of White men. Warning about the Orwellian nature of current state America, he visually invokes Fahrenheit 451 and the danger of Amazon burning Ann’s books, and possibly his own.

Tucker 2024 just got some serious competition. If Mark is able to recruit Ann Coulter for a RWDS-style campaign to succeed Trump, Dice/Coulter 2024 could be a serious challenge to the Uncuckable.