Does Nancy Pelosi Have Nancy Pelosi Syndrome?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 17, 2018

Following yet another bizarre speech, the American public is increasingly worried that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi may have Nancy Pelosi Syndrome, a degenerative brain disease named for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

American Mirror:

During her weekly press conference, the House Minority Leader — whom some speculate will be the next Speaker of the House if Democrats recapture the majority this November — was seen uttering gibberish, bizarrely laughing and staring off mid-sentence before re-engaging the press during the appearance.

Pelosi accused U.S. farmers of “self-inflicted damage,” resulting from proposed tariffs by the Trump administration, before having to fix the statement she read from her notes.

“Farmers are struggling with plummeting prices, great economic uncertainty, and self-inflicted damage of the Trump tariffs. I say self, self— for our country,” she said.

Then she had trouble even getting the words out of her mouth.

“Republicans wrote a bill that abandons farmers, uh, uh, fam— farming families. It weakens, the farmers’ safety net…” Pelosi accused.

Talk about food stamps, she said, “1.5 million veterans,” stopping and staring amid a brain freeze, before continuing, “are involved in the nutrition program.”

After claiming a Republican priority is “taking the food out of the mouths of babies,” she turned to prescription drugs, saying, “President Trump’s monthl— month, months-delayed speech on prescription drugs…”

This isn’t really anything new.

She’s been doing this for years, which is why they named Nancy Pelosi Syndrome after her in the first place.

Here’s a highlights from a speech in May of last year, again produced by The American Mirror.

Here’s some gibberish from July of last year.

And on CNN in October.

She keeps calling Trump “President Bush.”

There is no time she appears in public when she is coherent. Basically, they’re just trying to keep her off of TV.

Even before she descended into outright stuttering gibberish, she was making ridiculous, offensive statements that no normal person with a sound mind would think made sense to say publicly.

Famously, she said that in order to find out what was in the Obamacare bill, Congressmen would have to pass it first.

That was in 2013.

This is the absolute state of the Democrat Party.

They cannot find anyone to replace Pelosi with who will fully serve the Jewish agenda who isn’t Jewish. And they’ve already got a Jew minority leader in the Senate in Chucky Schumer and if it’s just all Jews running everything with a few token minorities, that makes Jews nervous. They don’t want it to be any more obvious than it already is that their party is just a bunch of Jews manipulating minorities.

And they can’t have a white guy – even though they still have a couple – because it would be more of the “old white men” thing, and they’re already trying to pass Schumer off as an “old white man.”

They do have a couple of semi-competent blacks, but firstly, none of them are as competent as Obama, and secondly, some of them have been way off the reservation and haven’t convinced Jews that they’re back on it.

Keith Ellison is capable of giving better public appearances than Nancy, but he’s also a former member of the Nation of Islam and only denounced Louis Farrakhan at the barrel of a gun, and even after that made repeated statements against Israel.

Beyond that… I would honestly have a hard time thinking of the names or faces any non-Jew, non-whitemale members of the House.

Other than like, Maxine Waters, who is possibly the only person in the government who comes across worse on TV than Pelosi.

They’re in a really tough situation, which is why they keep Pelosi in place. Obviously, all of her actual work is done by Jewish aides. But she’s at the point where she can’t even talk on TV. I have no idea what they’re going to do.

I don’t follow Democratic politics closely enough to know. Just gonna come out with that. We could ask Jazzhands.

I would have thought they would try Luis Gutiérrez…. but he’s resigning.

Here’s their House leadership

I only vaguely know who any of those people are. Hoyer is a FUCKING WHITE MALE, so that isn’t happening.

But here’s the thing: how much longer can Pelosi actually last? 

She’s drugged up to the nines just to keep her on stage.