Doctor WHO Agrees That the Coronavirus Phenomenon has Peaked

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 13, 2020

It’s a good thing this is going to be over soon because after being bombarded with constant images of Asian women in face masks, I’m developing a face mask fetish, and if it goes on much longer I may never be able to be attracted to a woman who isn’t wearing one.

I said the other day that the show is over, this hasn’t spread across the planet like the T-Virus, and unless it mutates and becomes more infectious, there are going to be no big changes in this situation.

It will hang around for a few more months, then it will go away, and the only victim will have been the Chinese government and the Chinese economy. Plus all those people that died.


New coronavirus cases in China appear to have stabilized in recent days, but world health officials cautioned the public against reading too much into those numbers. The outbreak could still get worse, World Health Organization officials said Wednesday.

“The outbreak could still go in any direction,” Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of WHO, warned at a news conference at the agency’s headquarters in Geneva. The slowing number of new cases “must be interpreted with extreme caution.”

There are 44,730 cases in China and at least 1,114 deaths as of Wednesday morning, Tedros said. Outside of China, there are 441 cases across two dozen countries and one death, he said.

Dr. Mike Ryan, executive director of WHO’s emergencies program, said the slowing in cases is due in large part to “the huge public health operation in China.” While new cases appear to have slowed in recent days, Ryan said public health officials must still be vigilant in preparing for the virus to get worse.

“We must continue to stop the virus, while preparing countries for the arrival of the virus,” Ryan warned. “I know that sounds contradictory, but it is not a contradiction.”

“We hope to see the virus come under control. We are not going to speak about numbers or dates,” he added. “It’s way too early to try and predict the beginning, the middle or the end.”

I’ll predict it, Dr. Ryan: by springtime, this will no longer be a news item.

Unless it mutates.

How crazy is it that viruses can just mutate?

What even are viruses?

Do you know that no one knows what they are or where they come from, and they appear to be tiny robots?

Some people think they came from outer space. They do fall from the sky.

Panspermia is actually a better idea than the current “scientific” theories of biogenesis, which state that life created itself in a “primordial soup.”

We still can’t create life in a lab – and there is zero indication we ever will be able to – but they believe it created itself, accidentally.

Meanwhile, they will laugh at you for believing in a talking snake.

The Bible says that the snake was cursed to crawl on its belly AFTER tricking our bimbo Grandma Eve.

So we could actually be talking about a reptilian humanoid, who could talk like any other humanoid.

We know that there are however many millions of extinct species, so I’m not really seeing why a reptilian humanoid is such a nutty concept. There is literally nothing physically impossible about a talking snake person. Whereas the creation of life, by all measures, appears to be completely impossible.

And even if it isn’t completely impossible, surely the idea that something this complex could happen by accident is not a serious theory. I guess you can say that this theory was invented in the 1920s, when we didn’t know anywhere near as much about biology as we do now, but people still promote the “primordial ooze” theory. And not nice people. People that will call you names and laugh at you for believing anything different.

Furthermore, the snake in the garden could have been psychic. Or life could have been existing on another plane of existence, some kind of spirit realm, before the Fall of Adam.

There are all kinds of options there.

So yeah, I think the space seed thing works better for these people, and I actually wish that this was the official counter to Christianity, because at least then we would be having interesting discussions.

People will say that they don’t want to do “seeded by aliens” because that still has the problem of life having to have originated somewhere, so it doesn’t solve the problem that they have of absolutely and categorically dismissing the existence of God. I guess that’s probably true.

Anyway, you could even argue that Christianity isn’t true but God does exist. There are all these other religions in history. So that would be a valid argument. But instead, these people are fixated on dismissing the concept of God completely, even while it is so obvious that God must exist, and everyone knows it.

Apparently, these people are afraid of facing the fact that life may indeed have meaning and that we all are apparently here for a reason.