Do You Remember When People Attacked Bill Mitchell for Saying “Buy the Dip”?

I remember Bill Mitchell. He was banned from everything for supporting Donald Trump before the election. I have no idea where he went.


(“Bill Mitchell!”)

I couldn’t find him on BitChute, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t there. It’s kind of hard to find people on BitChute. I’ve really been missing his show, “Your Voice.” It was the single best podcast I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

Just joking. He was a Trump sycophant. I guess if we found him now, he would be selling Trump 2024 merch.

The thing I have to say about that guy that isn’t really related to that guy very much: when the coronavirus hoax started and the stock market dropped, he was saying “buy the dip.”

It was common wisdom on /pol/ that he was a moron for saying this. People were making fun of him.

Here’s a video someone made of him talking in the early days of the big hoax dubbed over the villain from Resident Evil 4, whose name I don’t remember (he was the leader of Los Illuminados).

That was intended to make him seem stupid.

This is the kind of meme people were making:

People also fail-memed “stonks” as a way to mock people who thought the economy crashing because of a virus hoax was a bad idea.

Get it? It’s a funny word that sounds like “stocks.” It’s like a funny meme person said the word “stocks” but it sounded wrong because they were so silly and stupid that they thought a collapsed economy and virus hoax would have a negative impact on normal Americans.

Thankfully, I didn’t comment on the stock market, because I didn’t (and don’t) really have any idea.

But here’s the five-year graph, with the dip he was talking about buying:

The S&P 500 has doubled since March 20, 2020. That means that anyone who did buy the dip has on average doubled their money.

That is to say: the goofy personage of Bill Mitchell, a boomer with really weird plastic surgery, was being made fun of for saying something that turned out to be exactly true.

This cartoon did a much better job capturing things:

Sadly, Bill Mitchell’s underlying prediction turned out to be wrong – he thought Trump would stand up against the flu hoax and it would be a quick thing that was over soon. Instead, Trump went all in on the flu hoax, allowing (or at least abiding) Anthony Fauci to take over the country and run it, which laid the groundwork for the mail-in voting scam, which allowed the Democrats to steal the election.

What actually happened is that the stock market stayed up for a completely different reason: the government printed a megaload of new money, and there is nowhere for new money to go other than:

  • Stocks
  • Crypto
  • Heavy metals
  • Property

(Also, as someone pointed out to me, it can also go into collectibles.)

This is basically a way of robbing working and lower middle class people. It’s a wealth transfer mechanism. Do you also remember that there were people saying, “akshually when the stock market crashes because of this totally real virus that is totally different from the flu, it will be good for normal people”?

Discussion obviously went in all directions because no one knew what was happening. Nothing like this has ever happened before – a totally manufactured event designed to completely transform society at large to serve the interests of elite ruling Jews.

Yes, okay. The November 9th World Trade Center attacks* was the same concept, but it was not on the same scale.

I don’t blame anyone for being wrong. When the virus first started and they were showing footage of Wuhan locked down like Raccoon City, I myself went along with it. I figured it out early, when the supposed virus was allegedly in Italy, and they published the fact that the average age of death was mid-80s, and all of them had preexisting conditions. I said: what is the difference between this and the flu? (To this day no one has answered that question.)

But just to focus in on the specific thing: everyone said Bill Mitchell was a moron, and it turned out he was exactly right about stocks.

So, we learned: common wisdom from /pol/ is not always right.

More Learning

We’ve also learned that we’re now into a gigantic scheme, and that everything is being planned. The virus hoax triggered a series of totally manufactured events:

  • Antifa-BLM mass riots and whites bowing down and worshiping the blacks
  • A fraudulent election done through mail-in ballots
  • A faked “insurrection” inside the Capitol building after cops opened the doors and waved people in
  • A white supremacist witch-hunt following the script of The Crucible
  • The rollout of a deadly vaccine

Now, we understand the game: they are just rolling out these massive events that change the entire world, one after the other, following an agenda.

We’re just looking forward to the next big thing.

And surprise, surprise, it appears that the next big thing is already here: the “cyber pandemic.”

This thing with the “ransomware” gas pipeline appears to be the equivalent of the Wuhan lockdown, in that it is the origin story of a new gigantic hoax.

Joe Biden’s female Secretary of Commerce went on TV on Sunday and said cyberattacks are “here to stay.”

What are the goals of this hoax?

  • Possible: Shutting down the internet and rounding up political dissidents to fill their special political prisons
  • Probable: Blaming Russia and/or China and using this as a pretext for x-treme aggressiveness
  • Definite: A bunch of talk about the “dark web” and the need to regulate the internet, followed by a push for a real name ID system on the internet – a biometric blockchain identification system (they will follow through on the metaphor and claim this is the “vaccine” for the “cyber pandemic”)

You’re going to see a bunch of this kind of “dark web” terminology. They’re just going to demonize the entire internet that isn’t a part of Internet 2.0 (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and so on). It will be about “keeping people safe” – protecting our gas pipes. Because in 2021, technology invented in the 1800s can’t operate without being connected to the internet.

For more on the ID system they want, you can check the South Korean internet real ID system (South Korea is a conquered US colony where they can try this stuff out). It’s going to be more complicated than that though, and it’s going to be linked to the Real ID system, which is a biometric federal ID system passed in the Real ID Act in 2005. It was to help fight the ongoing white supremacist threat. Sorry, I mean the Islamic terrorist threat (which is an urban myth).

It will be pretty funny when they say you have to have an ID to shitpost but not to vote. No one will blink. We’re past blinking now.

Basically, I would get used to using Tor, if you haven’t already.

If you’re using Brave Browser, you can just click on this link to open the Daily Stormer on Tor:


Make sure you keep that handy.

Whatever happens, I’ll still be here in my Nigerian compound, typing away.

The day will come when all the Western news sites are shut down, and I’ll just use Xinhua Net as my sole source.

That will be when the real Sino-American Friendship™ truly begins.

I’ll look at Richard Nixon and Mao Zedong smiling tenderly at one another.

And I’ll say “hold my beer.”

I’ll be stranded out here alone on the internet like a white man stranded on a collapsed glass bridge, and the Chinese authorities will come to save me and give me counseling with their factual and enlightening informational website.

In the end, the real Chinese glass bridge adventure was the Chinese counseling sessions we received after Chinese cops helped us crawl off of the collapsed Chinese glass bridge.

*That’s a metric system joke.