Do You Remember the Good Old Days?

If you squint your pineal gland, you may be able to remember the good old days.

A time long past, which will never return again. The whole world is different than it was back then. Kids these days don’t remember those times, these days.

A time of innocence, when we frolicked in fields of wonder, and snapped our fingers to an old country song, sitting on the porch with the dog, looking out across a clear blue haze.

Those were simpler times, when people respected one another. You could give your boys a high five, you could share a sip from a flask of grandpa’s sweet medicine. People didn’t cover their faces, and you could catch a man smiling from ear to ear as he caught him a fresh catfish down by the pond.

I had me a bicycle, and I’d ride it all up and down the town, yes sir. And some times ma would send me down to old man Willis’ place to get what for a packet of cheese. He was a right snappy old codger, he was. Always had a tip of his hat and a pip in his step. Old man Willis ain’t around no more. Closed up the old shop quite some time ago, he did.

I remember my old pappy cut down a tree back then, and it knocked over some telephone lines. The whole darn neighborhood came out to see what for, and they never saw nothing like it in our town, that’s for sure.

We had this thing called “the Constitution” which meant you could do things and couldn’t nobody tells you otherwise, what how. You could walk around whatever you damn well pleased without no cop coming and kicking your head in.

You could relax with your friends or you could go out to the cinema and see some horrible Jew trash.

I’m speaking of course of February of 2020.

It’s a time that’s gone.

But let’s not let it be forgotten.