Do You Really Want a War with People Who Remain Calm with a Knife Stuck in Their Skull?

General Sir Patrick Sanders

The United Kingdom has banned Huawei from its 5G network, and will start removing existing Huawei technology from the network. According to a British general, China selling technology to the world is some kind of war-like move.

Daily Mail:

One of Britain’s top generals today warned that China had ‘broadened the definition of warfare’ to include ‘capturing control of key technologies like 5G’ as Beijing blasted the UK over its decision to ban Huawei.

General Sir Patrick Sanders, commander of Strategic Command which leads in the cyber domain for defence, said China and Russia had ‘developed counter-strategies to our western way of warfare’.

This means using ‘all the state levers of power to accrue advantage’ in areas like trade, foreign aid and new technology.

Sir Patrick’s warning came as Beijing hit back hard at the UK’s decision to exclude Huawei from the nation’s new 5G network.

Liu Xiaoming, China’s Ambassador to the UK, suggested Chinese firms could pull out of Britain because of the decision as he said ‘the way you treat Huawei will be followed very closely by other Chinese businesses’.

Mr Liu said Downing Street had ‘undermined the trust between the two countries’ by reversing the decision it made in January when it gave the green light to the Chinese tech giant to play a role in building the infrastructure.

Earlier, China’s foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying had accused Boris Johnson of being ‘America’s dupe’ and of colluding with the White House to ‘discriminate’ against Huawei.

She warned the UK’s actions ‘must come at a cost’ while the hardline state-backed Global Times publication said in an editorial it is ‘necessary for China to retaliate’ in a way which is ‘public and painful’.

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden announced yesterday that telecoms firms will be prohibited from buying Huawei 5G equipment from December 31 this year.

Meanwhile, all of the firm’s existing 5G technology will be stripped out of the network by the end of 2027.

The U-turn has sparked a further deterioration in relations between the UK and China, with tensions already strained over coronavirus and the imposition by Beijing of a controversial national security law on Hong Kong.

If Western countries were concerned about controlling their technological infrastructure, they would cut ties with Israel and just roll their own stuff without throwing accusations around. Instead of saying, “Huawei is a Chinese plot to take control over our Jewish-controlled infrastructure!” they’d say, “we just want to have absolute control over our 5G network,” or whatever.

Instead, we have this cartoon-like situation where we taught the Chinese how to develop our technology, we moved our industries to China, we bought the Chinese-made gadgets, and now, suddenly, Western governments are all very concerned about stuff made in China?

Keep in mind that while the US navy manages to set their own docked heli-carrier on fire, Chinese people remain calm when knives are stuck in their skull.

Do the Chinese look like the kind of people that the current US forces could manage to defeat?

Daily Mail:

A Chinese man has been rushed to hospital after he was stabbed on his head with a folding knife during a heated row, according to reports.

Viral footage shows the unidentified patient covered in blood calmly walking towards an ambulance while the blade is lodged in the back of his skull in south-western Chinese city Chongqing.

The man is believed to have been recovering after undergoing an operation to remove the weapon while police are investigating the case, says Chinese media.

There is no reason to fight China. Everything that our governments/media accuse China of doing or planning to do, the Jews are doing.

And no Chinaman ever called me “goy.”