Do Steroids Make Men Have Sex with Their Daughters?

Wherefore art thou, Jose Canseco?

It is a well-known and well-documented fact that steroid users have sex with trannies.

Thailand is a bodybuilding vacation spot, because steroids are legal, which makes them cheap and also makes it easy to try different cycles. Mike Cernovich, formerly a steroid guru, went all the way on roids, to the point where it deformed his face.

Infamously, he published an article about having sex with a tranny. He has of course been attacked by right-wingers over this. While I normally would attack someone for that, I defended him at the time, saying that it is impossible to take that much steroids and not have sex with trannies.

We also know that in later age, people who used steroids in their youth are prone to becoming trannies themselves. For example, Bruce Jenner was an Olympic athlete when steroids were still legal – something which led him to become a tranny in old age.

One question we have not asked is: do steroid users have sex with their own daughters?

Obviously, every woman would have sex with their father, because women are sick and psychologically deranged. That’s not some kind of Freudian thing, it’s just a plain fact. The only thing preventing this coupling from taking place is men. But what if a man’s body and soul has been damaged by steroids? What then?

Well, we now have certain evidence.

Jose Canseco is exhibit A.

Canseco was a steroid-using baseball player in the 1980s and 90s. Steroids were such a major part of his life that he actually went on to write a book about steroids in 2005. The book was attacked for not being a cautionary tale and instead promoting steroid use.

Flash forward to the current year.

Canseco has a daughter with a woman he picked up at Hooters. Josie Canseco has done nude modeling and dated one of the Pauls.

Jose has been extremely involved in Josie’s life. He has regularly been pictured at night clubs with her, and has constantly attacked her boyfriends.

Over the weekend, the odd couple appeared in West Hollywood, heading to a club – and Josie was topless, with her arm around her father’s.

I don’t care if they’re Cuban or celebrities or anything else – this is not normal.

It’s weird enough for a man in his fifties to go to a night club with his 20-something daughter in any context, but for the girl to go topless is something I’ve never seen, ever.

They also posed for intimate photos together.

Look at that photo – this would mean her bare nipples were rubbing against his clothing.

Furthermore – we’re going deep here, folks – when Bruce Jenner went tranny in 2015, Canseco said that he was going to dress up like a woman – for a week – to show support for Bruce.

It’s a bizarre thing to say. Unless he himself is leaving his options open for becoming a tranny himself, which would not surprise me.

Continuing the dip into the weird: Josie is having plastic surgery to make herself look more like a tranny.

Here she is in 2016:

And here’s a more recent picture:

(You can also see that she looks like a tranny in the photos above. Frankly, she’s always had a masculine facial structure – possibly as a result of her father’s sperm having been jacked on roids – but most women would lean out of that if they were going to do surgery instead of leaning in.)

Why would she be trying to make herself look like a tranny?


I don’t know.

I can’t judge this situation.

We cannot confirm that Jose Canseco is involved in a sexual relationship with his own daughter. All we can do is consider the weight of the evidence.

But I can once again state: steroids turn things wild and wacky in a man’s brain, and after extended use, that damage is permanent.