DO NOT Install the New iPhone Update Without Reading This!

Apple is automatically installing a “contact tracer” app into your phone with the latest update. This is an app that will use bluetooth to record all of the contact you have with other people through their phones and then send all the data of everywhere you went and everyone you interacted with to the government.

You do not have to opt-in to be a part of this dumb, evil agenda.

You may or may not be asked to opt-in during the install process, and if you are asked, it may not be obvious. So what you need to do IMMEDIATELY after you do the update is go into health settings and make certain that it is turned off.

Here’s how to do that:

Seriously: do not turn this on.

This is literally the first step in you signing over your soul to the BEAST system.

I’m not going to go into the fact that New York is already on the threshold of herd immunity, and we would all be there soon if we just did nothing, or that there is no reason to do anything other than maybe quarantine the elderly.

Let’s just take all of those lies at face value, and consider this app.

Even if you believed in this flu hysteria, there is no possible way what they are outlining with this tracing app plan could ever possibly work. It’s just retarded on its face.

In fact, this thing they’re talking about isn’t actual “contact tracing,” as that is not something you can allow people to volunteer for. You have to just do it to them against their will.

As Forbes notes:

Let’s clear something up from the start. Contact-tracing is not an opt-in Bluetooth app that might register your proximity to an infected person, under a very limited set of circumstances, including that you’re both fully running the app. No, contact tracing is a manually-intensive, surveillance-heavy, privacy-intrusive process where a combination of brute-force measures and meticulous attention to detail, under the purview of well-trained operatives, roots out the spread of infection.

Ever since the suggestion that the world would follow Singapore’s TraceTogether example and launch Bluetooth proximity apps, experts have been warning about their likely efficacy. Singapore’s take-up was little more than 20% of smartphone users, despite needing 80%. And, let’s face it, if Singapore can’t deliver the required installs then what hope the U.S., Germany, France and the U.K.

The purpose is not the thing it says it is for.

Think of it: A person tests positive, and then you have a complete record of everyone they’ve been in contact with since the supposed time of infection, and also have a record of all of the people those people have been in contact with, so you send them all an alert message and tell them to go inside?

Does this seem like a plan the government would be able to competently implement? Even if they had the sufficient user-base, which is impossible to get?

What’s more, it’s not simply going to be telling people to go home. We already know very well that any form of virus threat overrides all Constitutional freedoms and basic personal bodily autonomy. So, a police officer will be sent to your house to ensure that you are cooperating with your quarantine.

As the Times notes, the implementation of the UK app has triggered “nervousness in government about whether people will comply with instructions as lockdown is lifted. Trials of a contact-tracing app have suggested they will only do so if persuaded by a human being rather than an automated message.”

Therein lies the truth of what this is actually about.

What they are doing with this app is getting you to agree to be constantly spied on by the government and also for that spying to result directly in interactions with government enforcers. Once we’ve crossed that line, we’re entering into a place where we will all get used to the government monitoring our movements – where we go, who we talk to, when we sleep, how long we sleep, who we sleep with, etc., etc., etc. – and then judging us and enforcing laws based on this.

H.R. 6666, the TRACE Act, creates the outline for a system where they can come to your house and test you and probably remove your children from you if they wish to do so. That system is going to be linked in with this app (although clearly people who are not using the app will also be subject to these measures).

There are two fundamental differences between the “contact tracing app” and the full spectrum spying that we’ve known is going on since Edward Snowden told us so in 2014:

  1. This is consensual
  2. This will result in interactions with the authorities

The psychology of giving consent is major. When you click a checkmark and allow for the government to monitor everything you do, you then feel as though you’re responsible for what they do. You’ve agreed.

If the authorities show up, they are just doing what you agreed to allow them to do: to be your mommy.

What’s more – and you can believe this or not, that ain’t none of my business, but they believe it – is that in order to be a part of the BEAST system, you must agree to be a part of that system. It’s like inviting a vampire into your house.

You will eventually be compelled and coerced, but you will always be offered a choice. The choice may be between death, or torture, and joining the BEAST, but you will never be forced to sign on to be a part of the system. Everyone who is a part of the BEAST will have agreed to it.

Obviously – and this is so obvious that I don’t even think I should have to say it – these apps are the very first step in implanting you with a microchip, which is the agenda, whether you believe that or not. We are on a ride that none of us can get off, and we are headed straight towards the weirdest damn thing you’ve ever seen.

There will be implanted microchips, there will be a world government, there will be a new temple in Israel.

You can ask: “Why?”

But we’ve been a long time past there being an easy answer for “why?” for a long time. The why is that Jews are evil, they are the children of Satan, and they serve their father who was a liar from the beginning.