Do Not Despair, Brothers – The Only Path Before Us is Total Victory!

No one has a right to despair right now. If you are in a state of despair, you are taking something away from the people around you. None of you have that right. You need to pull yourself together, you need to make yourself into a pillar of strength for those around you. If you become stronger, those around you become stronger, and that strength spreads.

We couldn’t have asked for a better situation than this, and some of you are not understanding that. Listen: 100% of Donald Trump supporters now know as a matter of fact that this system is an absolute sham. There is nothing that the media can do to change that understanding, because the media is part of the sham.

This was a massive mistake on the part of the ruling elite: they thought that they could win the election with their mail-in ballot hoax. Then, when they saw that it was going to fail, they openly engaged in mass fraud for the whole world to witness.

Under normal circumstances, when the fix failed, they would have let Trump win, rather than pull the mask off. This entire “democracy” swindle is based on faith in the system.

The faith is all dried up. Forever.

Because of this scam, the only possible way that the Democrats are going to be able to lead the nation, should they win the office, is through brutal spectacle. They will have to go into a mode of absolute tyranny, with the coronavirus as the backdrop. That’s going to be rough when it first comes down – there is absolutely no doubt about that. But it simply is not sustainable. Things will begin to crack immediately.

Yes, I warned you consistently about how bad this was going to be. But understand: I had no idea that we would go into the presidency with the world having witnessed such absolute fraud. This changes every single dynamic. These people are going to come in with massive protests, claiming that they hoaxed the entire thing.

When this tyranny gets pushed, we will immediately begin demanding secession. That meme is going to spread like wildfire.

But none of that needs to be thought about right now. I mention it simply so that you understand: every potential upcoming path is good for us. We cannot lose.

Understand: if Trump is forced out of office, the stakes change from Trump staying in office being on the table to fulfilling our entire agenda being on the table.

Understand that: I am 100% ride or die for Trump, but in the sense of the long game, we at least have to ask if losing the White House doesn’t work in our favor. Obviously, I don’t want that to happen, but I’m simply pointing it out to those of you despairing – by some analysis, it could be preferable to have the election fully stolen.

Whatever happens, in the end we win. That is now written in stone (as if writing it in the Bible wasn’t enough).

Right now, we still have quite a chance of winning the White House. You see the details for this on the rest of the website, and it isn’t the purpose of what I am talking about right now specifically. Here, I will just say: I felt better yesterday than I did the day before, and I feel even better today. The voting machine rigging could well unravel the entire thing.

The number one thing that all of you need to do is get out on the street. Period. That is the single thing that anyone needs to be focused on right now – we need to build the biggest protest movement that this country has ever seen, from sea to shining sea.

Read This for More Information on the Protest Movement

Note: Remember: even if we go the secession route, the occupation movement we are creating now will serve as the basis of that. I expect that Trump is going to move to Texas and lead this movement, but even if he doesn’t, it will be the Trump movement that becomes the secession movement.

This is the breakdown of our current paths to Total Aryan Victory:

Study it.

The agenda is, has been and always was to push for secession. Obviously, the current differences that we have with the Jews, the Democrats, and all of the rest are not reconcilable. There is no actual way to remove all of these nonwhites in a realistic manner in the near or slightly distant future. Secession is the only logical end outcome.

As I’ve explained many times on this website, Trump’s role is to buy us time and to galvanize both us and the left. He’s drawing the battle lines. The end goal, even with the Trump path, is to split the country. We are never going to convince these people of anything, and unfortunately, we can’t just wipe them out (people who say they can be wiped out are either feds or edgy anti-social morons, it’s obviously impossible to get the masses of white people to support a genocide – we couldn’t even manage to do that hundreds of years ago to the Indians). So by the process of elimination, the only remaining options are for the REAL United States to split off.

This idea has very serious appeal among normal right wingers, and it is going to have even bigger appeal now.

That is the end game, it is the only possible end game.

In some future, the real US – our people – will have so drastically economically and socially surpassed the coastal scum that we will rule them as vassal states. They will be on the verge of starvation at some point, and we will aid them in exchange for a surrender of sovereignty. We can then begin figuring out what to do with this scum and our land that they are occupying.

Even if we win this election in the end, this entire hoax will have shown once and for all that we simply cannot live with these people.

Look at the red parts of this map:

That is our new country. We might also get some of the swing states, but a vote for secession has to have 65% “yay,” so it is unlikely we will get the swing states in the first round. It’s likely that after a few years, swing states will begin voting to join us.

We’re going to push for a vote. Every state will vote. Then, when the voting is done, the people who want to be on the other side of the line from where their state voted will move.

Read about the partitioning of India into three countries.

It was simple: they drew geographic lines based on demographics, and people who fell outside of those lines had to move.

We’re going to call our people to come out of the Babylon system of the coastal elites and their enclaves.

This isn’t crazy. This is the most sane idea ever. And you’ve seen in 2020 things that you would never have believed possible.

This is possible.

In fact, it is impossible that anything else will happen.

The election prepped this, either way it is the plan.

Here’s the thing: if Trump wins, Democrat states are going to start the secession process themselves. That’s why I ultimately do think it is better if Trump stays, despite the fact that this burgeoning protest movement stirs my revolutionary instincts.

But either way, we win in the end.

I promise.

Somebody go tell Trump’s people that we need a rally.

Right now.

He needs to go on tour across the country, and galvanize our occupy movement.