“Do Not Come” – Homeland Head Announces Border is “Secure,” Blames Donald Trump for Non-Crisis!

Joe Biden has appointed the leader of a skinhead gang as Secretary of Homeland Security. [THAT’S A JOKE, DON’T SUE ME MAYORKAS, YOU WEIRD FAGGOT!]
There is some argument to be made that the elite are primarily lunatics more so than they are diabolical geniuses.

The argument is thus: these people inherited power from other people, and they are simply decadent and corrupt, they are completely unhinged, and they are not at all smart. This would be true of the Jews, as well as their various compatriots in global domination, whom we find in the intelligence agencies, think tanks and tech companies.

However, there is an underlying order to the overarching agenda at work, which has never been more obvious than it is with this coronavirus hoax. So I tend to lean towards “things are being calculated intensively.”

However, you start seeing something like this, and it makes you wonder.


Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is pleading with migrants to avoid traveling to the United States, as the Biden administration struggles to deal with the crisis at the southern border.

“The message is quite clear: do not come. The border is closed, the border is secure,” Mayorkas told ABC on Sunday, in one of numerous interviews which saw the official facing questions about the state of the US-Mexico border.

Mayorkas specifically said they are “encouraging children not to come,” as reports indicate there are over 15,000 migrant minors being held in US custody at the moment. Thousands of those are in border patrol custody, which is not equipped to handle such numbers, leading many minors to be held beyond the federally mandated 72-hour period.

“Now is not the time to come. Do not come, the journey is dangerous. We are building safe, orderly, and humane ways to address the needs of vulnerable children. Do not come,” he said. 

Despite his seeming acknowledgement of the crisis – a term the secretary still insists is “not applicable” – Mayorkas insisted the current administration is capable of handling the influx of migrants, but he says they need “time” to fix a system supposedly broken by the Trump administration.

“We are rebuilding the orderly systems that the Trump administration tore down to avoid the need for these children to actually take the perilous journey,” he said in a separate Sunday interview, though he did not specify what exactly was “torn down” or being rebuilt.

This really does seem totally out of control.

Mayorkas’ “you’re not welcome here” message was more hardcore than anything I remember Kirstjen [sic] Nielsen saying, I can tell you that much. This guy going out there with a shaved head saying this stuff – wow.

Seriously, watch this clip, it’s nuts.

Also on Sunday, Mayorkas appeared on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace and was pressed about “children in cages,” and the fact that the government is not allowing it to be filmed. (Actually, virtually nothing at the border is being filmed. ) Mayorkas said it can’t be filmed because of the deadly coronavirus.

(If Chris Wallace was a serious journalist, he would have read the lyrics of Alice in Chains’ “Man in the Box” to Mayorkis, and said, “Mr. Secretary, do you believe this song accurately describes the lived experience of these caged children?”)

Obviously, Joe Biden is not running anything. Some council that is running everything told him to go out and say that he would give welfare, healthcare and citizenship to everyone who showed up at the border, and then told him to go in and remove all the legal protections at the border, including remain in Mexico (which means that every person who shows up at the border has to be let into the country, all they have to do is say they “fear violence,” and there are all of these activist groups on the Mexican side of the border telling them exactly what to say to US officials).

Someone surely had to have been able to figure out this would happen? And they surely didn’t want to create a situation where they have to go out and admit that there is a border crisis, and then blame Donald Trump?

But clearly, both those things can’t be true.


  1. They didn’t know this was going to happen, or
  2. They wanted this to happen for some reason that I can’t imagine

Some people on the internet want to always immediately jump to number 2, going on the idea that “everything is planned, so we just have to figure out the reason.” Of course, I’m sure you can invent a reason. But it is to me, sitting here watching this guy right now, very obvious that there is no reason you would want this.

Their goal is to move as many nonwhites into the country as possible, as quickly as possible, and creating a border crisis prevents their ability to maximize the number of people crossing the border.

Obviously, the most efficient way to replace the population with brown people would be to fly people in on planes that have enough money to pay for their own housing. There are hundreds of millions of non-white, non-Asian people who are willing to move to the USA who also have enough money to pay rent and buy food. (Yes, Asians are now on some kind of government hate list, which is why they’re doing this whole thing about how whites secretly hate Asians and are manipulating blacks into attacking them.)

The Democrats have total control over the government, so they can do whatever they want. They just as easily could have not opened the border, left the Trump protections in place, and quietly started moving people across it, while also shipping in the motherload of Indians, Africans, Moslems, and any other brown person who can present evidence they have $5,000 in a bank account.

This border situation looks like something where they have millennials just writing policy to spite Donald Trump and his supporters.

The Alaska meeting with the Chinese is another incident that was just like “wait, what are you even doing here? What purpose does this serve?”

They staged a meeting with the Chinese, and the Chinese [Secretary of State Equivalent] very politely unloaded a clip of polite but poignant criticism, saying something along the lines of:

“You people have no standing at all to tell us how to run our country – half your people think your election was fake, you have nonstop riots, you invaded all of these Middle East countries for no clear purpose and caused all of this global destruction, you are attempting world domination by bullying countries into accepting your system, and you are going to want to get up off of us promptly, because we are taking these threats very seriously.”

The new US Secretary of State’s response was that he thinks people in America are really happy and excited about democracy. He literally said “I’m hearing America is back.” That is a direct quote.

He appeared at the meeting with a woman with blue hair. She’s visible in all of the videos and photos of the event. She was sitting right next to him.

This man’s name is Anthony Blinken. He is a Jewish neoconservative who, before being appointed as the government’s top diplomat, was lobbying for war with the Chinese. In this meeting, he appeared utterly befuddled and goofy. Sitting across from this very serious, composed and plain-speaking Chinaman, it created an extreme contrast.

Here’s the tweet of the exchange I embedded in my article on the meeting:

Instead, this is now the top clip on Twitter:

The Chinese statements denouncing the US as an aggressive, violent county in the midst of an internal social collapse appear to have been widely removed from Twitter – which indicates to me they do not want people seeing it.

That indicates to me that the meeting did not go as they intended, i.e., they had no idea that the Chinese were going to deliver a series of hard truths in line with everything the American right-wing says about the US government, and had no ability to respond to it, other than to nervously say “America is back,” which is probably the stupidest slogan ever devised by any PR team.

(This is clearly supposed to basically reference the Marvel Comics films. They’re actually trying to use the MCU as a new national mythology, which is something actually kind of difficult to process.)

It’s actually surreal to just look at these two men. You can do the old “if there was an emergency, who would you rather have in charge?” test, and you’re going to find that you would much prefer the Chinaman. When you then understand that the “America is back” guy is attempting to order the Chinaman to follow his instructions on internal Chinese policy, it becomes clearly the most bizarre video taped event of any form of diplomacy, by any country, ever.

(Tucker Carlson did a bit on this that was basically schizophrenic, which I will try to write about tomorrow. Tucker has become a massive disappointment.)

I’m sure you can still find the clip of the Chinaman politely lecturing Blinken on exactly how much authority he has to dictate Chinese domestic policy. Or you can watch the whole video. I don’t have time to timestamp it for you, but the whole thing is hilarious.

Let me just pull that up here…

Oh wait – sorry!


Well, I’m sure it’s still somewhere. You can go find it yourself.

I actually started writing this without knowing they had purged all of this, but that really reinforces my argument that this government is doing things that do not make any sense according to their own agenda.

I guess the argument from the people who say everything is planned would be “they wanted the Chinese to say these things because they sound like Donald Trump supporters, and if the Chinese sound like Donald Trump supporters, Democrats will be more likely to support a war with them.” (You see, I work through all of this stuff in my head, so I know what certain people are going to think before they think it.)

My understanding of the situation, having spent all this time looking at it and thinking about it, is slightly more nuanced:

  • After World War Two, the entire Western World and more than half of the third world was dominated by American intelligence agencies operating out of Washington.
  • After a series of very bad decisions, culminating in Donald Trump’s election as US President in 2016, collective world powers outside of Washington decided that the Washington intelligence establishment was no longer fit to run the world.
  • The power of Washington is now being transferred to the United Nations and its associated appendages (WEF, etc.), the European Union, and Silicon Valley.
  • People in Washington might have varying degrees of understanding that this is happening.
  • The Biden Administration is being allowed to fail on purpose. I don’t know if they are purposefully failing, but probably not.

That is the scenario that fits everything together.

Probably, that scenario somehow explains why Jeffrey Epstein was arrested. Epstein was probably more associated with this incoming new order, and some guys from the old order tried to do some kind of a thing, which didn’t work because they’re incompetent. That’s the only reason I can see why Epstein would be illegally arrested for crimes he’d already been sentenced for, then murdered in prison.

Then, this coronavirus hoax was set up as the ultimate transfer of power to a global governing body.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this. I’ve written about it before, but I don’t remember the names of the articles. I write a lot. (Someone should really be organizing this stuff better than I do, frankly, because a lot of this stuff is not being said by anyone else – and yet no one presents counterarguments.)

This new elite is ultimately the same mostly Jewish elite that is taking over, of course. It’s not some huge thing, it’s effectively just a management team change. But, if I’m right, you’re going to increasingly see things like Bill Gates telling people what to do as if he’s a king, and using the United Nations as his source of authority. You will increasingly see American sovereignty turned over to the United Nations.

All of these coronavirus regulations were invented by Bill Gates and implemented across the Western World through the UN’s World Health Organization (WHO), so we are already effectively being governed by that power center.

But this is going to be a rough ride, I can tell you that. We are looking at the US devolving into outright bedlam. What’s coming down the pipe will make the 2020 Antifa-BLM riots look like baby time at the fun park.

The open question hanging in the air remains: will we be sent to war with China, as a last hurrah?

That would be the perfect setup, which would allow these world authorities to come in and declare a New World Order.

China doesn’t have to be defeated, they just have to be hurt badly enough that they’re willing to come to the table with the UN and make a deal to go full-anal and run nonstop television advertisements telling their women to have sex with blacks.

This will all be coming together at about the same time as microchips that can be implanted in the brain become commercially available.

I would also not be even a little bit surprised if they stage some kind of fake alien visitation, and have the aliens claim that they were concerned when they saw nuclear weapons going off, and so they came to bring us peace.

I’m serious.

There’s at least a 30% chance they’ll do a fake alien event in the next 5 years.