DNC #2 Keith Ellison About to Lose Election After Getting MeTooed

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 28, 2018

Keith Ellison, a black Moslem and the number two figure at the DNC, has been metooed by a girlfriend who says he beat the shit out of her.

Obviously, any Republican would be forced to resign as soon as some bitch made the claim of this – not by the media, but by his own party – and the DNC is sticking by Ellison. But it is looking like he’s going to get voted out.

If there’s one thing Swedisota loves more than niggers its women ever not getting what’s coming to them.


Minnesota hasn’t elected a Republican attorney general in over 40 years. Keith Ellison — the prominent Democratic congressman and No. 2 at the Democratic National Committee — is putting that streak to the test.

Ellison said he would join the chorus of Democratic attorneys general in challenging policies he views to be unconstitutional, whereas Wardlow has advocated for Trump and disagrees the AG’s office should be used to influence policy decisions.

By most accounts, this race should be a gimme for Ellison, who gained national attention as the first Muslim member of Congress and had a good shot at becoming DNC chairman during the 2017 election before he was appointed the party’s deputy chair. Wardlow, by contrast, is a soft-spoken pro-Trump Republican in a blue state whom most Minnesotans have never heard of.

But allegations of physical and emotional abuse levied by Ellison’s ex-girlfriend over the summer turned the race into a fight. A MPR News/Star Tribune Minnesota poll conducted between Oct. 15 and 17 showed Ellison trailing by 7 points, though 56 percent of respondents didn’t know who Wardlow was. Those results reflected a sharp turn from September, when a poll by the same news outlets had Ellison ahead by 5 points.

This is the best part right here.

National Review:

The chairman of the liberal Minnesota political party affiliated with Democrats said Wednesday that he does not believe the claims of Keith Ellison’s ex-girlfriend, who has accused the former congressman and current nominee for state attorney general of abuse.

I don’t believe her,” said Ken Martin, chairman of Minnesota’s Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, of Ellison’s accuser, Karen Monahan. Monahan has alleged that Ellison screamed profanities at her while dragging her off a bed and threatened her in text messages. She claims to have a video of the bed incident but says she does not wish to release it because it is “embarrassing.”

“I support Karen bringing her allegations forward, and I support there being an investigation into those,” Martin said. “We conducted an outside, independent investigation, and that investigation showed we could not substantiate her claim of domestic abuse. And so I do not believe her — I believe our investigation.

The investigation was conducted by a lawyer who is a partner at a firm that has donated $50,000 to Ellison.

Why would he actually say “I don’t believe her”?

After that whole “you have to believe all women” Democrat campaign?

And no, Ken Martin isn’t black – which is what I thought when I saw this statement.

This will be a major deal if Ellison loses. He is a high-profile member of the whole “New Democrat” Party – also known as “Bernie’s Brown Commie Squad” – and basically if this happens, they’re going to be really hesitant to involve men at all in their new movement. Because they know as well as we know that brown men are much more likely to be involved in domestic violence and sexual harassment/assault.

They are just going to have to go all-in on brown communist women.

The feminist-haji-wetback-communist revolutionary alliance.

The more they narrow this definition of who they are, the fewer people they appeal to.