DNA Test Shows Woman Who Claimed a 10-Year-Old Boy Got Her Pregnant was Lying

A woman won’t hesitate to lie to a man about being the father of her child – not even if the man is a 10-year-old boy.

DNA testing should be mandated by law everywhere.

This is a classic story of female wickedness.

Daily Mail:

DNA tests on a baby born to a Russian schoolgirl who had claimed she was made pregnant by a ten-year-old boy show the father was in fact a teenager she later accused of rape, say law enforcement sources.

Darya Sudnishnikova was 13 when she became famous after insisting on primetime TV that she was made pregnant by her prepubescent boyfriend Ivan Vanya.

Ivan – now 11 – was with her as she departed a clinic in Krasnoyarsk with baby Emilia, born on August 16.

The couple smiled at the hospital door flanked by their mothers.

But reports in Russia citing law enforcement say police DNA tests on her daughter Emilia have shown the father is a teenage boy who Darya, now 14, later accused of rape.

The boy was believed to be 15 at the time, now 16.

After doctors and experts claimed that it would be biologically impossible for Darya to be made pregnant by Ivan, she alleged that she was raped.

Ah, so classic. When women are cornered, like when they’re found out to be lying and they see no way to gracefully exit the situation, they’ll play the rape card. By playing the rape card, they immediately turn into a victim and everyone forgets that they were lying and trying to cuck a 10-year-old boy.

More information about the rape card here.

She invented the story about Ivan because she was too embarrassed to admit the rape on a stairwell in her home town Zheleznogorsk, in Krasnoyarsk region, she said.

Darya – who has become a teenage social influencer with 474,000 followers – said in May this year: ‘It is a painful issue for me.

‘I could not move away for a long time and the pain still remains in my soul.’

She was embarrassed about being raped, so she made out a story about a 10-year-old putting a baby inside her.

It obviously makes no sense and everyone can see that she’s a lying whore.

Women are not innocent. They are not angelic. They are not princesses.

They’re vipers who will tell you “I love you” as they bury their poisonous fangs in you.

Believing women is a self-destructive behavior.