Divorce Rates are Going Down – Because No One is Getting Married

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
September 30, 2018

How can you marry, if there are no legit waifus to wed? That’s a rhetorical question.

Jew feminism has ravaged society to the point where divorce rates have actually started dropping back down again – because so few people are getting married in the first place.

All this means is that women are now ruining men’s lives so efficiently now, that they don’t even wait until after marriage to do so. After all, who needs alimony when you have the state, and big corpo to give you a handout forever?

The Atlantic:

In the past 10 years, the percentage of American marriages that end in divorce has fallen, and in a new paper, the University of Maryland sociologist Philip Cohen quantified the drop-off: Between 2008 and 2016, the divorce rate declined by 18 percent overall.

After accounting for the rising average age of married Americans and other demographic shifts during that time, Cohen found “a less steep decline—8 percent—but the pattern is the same.” That is, the divorce rate in 2016 was still lower than one would have predicted if the demographics of married people were the same then as in 2008.

Basically, only old desperate women are getting married these days, after they’ve wasted their youths chasing cock and working on their “career.”

And being desperate, these old ladies are less likely to get divorced, being more interested in trying to coax their dried out eggs into producing a spawn before finally withering away.

The darkest arts must be employed to actually get a 35 year old woman to actually bear a child – which surely will be cursed by the use of these eldritch ways.

When I asked Andrew Cherlin, a sociology professor at Johns Hopkins University, how to make sense of this trend, he opened his explanation with something of a koan: “In order to get divorced,” he said, “you have to get married first.”

That’s some Zen wisdom right there.

The point he was making was that people with college degrees are now more likely to get married than those who have no more than a high-school education. And the key to understanding the declining divorce rate, Cherlin says, is that it is “going down some for everybody,” but “the decline has been steepest for the college graduates.”

Right. It’s women who spend ages studying for a “career” instead of trying to be good mothers or housewives getting married.

The reason that’s the case is that college graduates tend to wait longer to get married as they focus on their career. And they tend to have the financial independence to postpone marriage until they’re more confident it will work. This has translated to lower rates of divorce: “If you’re older, you’re more mature … you probably have a better job, and those things make it less likely that you’ll get into arguments with your spouse,” Cherlin says.

Yeah… No.

The reality is, marriage is such a raw deal for men these days, that an undesirable old bag is going to have a very, very hard time finding anyone to marry her and put a bun in the oven.

So the few marriages that even happen these days are going to be combinations of agreeable beta providers and extremely desperate women, who have careers and money of their own.

And, I guess, the occasional unicorn “trad” marriage that lasts, if such a thing still exists.

So, looking at married couples alone doesn’t capture the true nature of American partnerships today. “If you were to include cohabiting relationships [in addition to marriages], the breakup rates for young adults have probably not been going down,” Cherlin says. In other words: Yes, divorce rates are declining. But that’s more a reflection of who’s getting married than of the stability of any given American couple.

Yes, exactly.

Men aren’t getting married, because they fear getting all their shit stolen from them in a divorce settlement. So instead, they get “girlfriends.”

And those girlfriends still manage to cheat on them, dump them out of nowhere and generally turn their lives into a living hell. Divorce is just one of the ways women have to ruin men’s lives. But the progress of Jew feminism has given them all sorts of other tricks as well. If you’d add up all these different forms of abuse together, you’d see that the statistics wouldn’t look so good.

I’d say the alcoholism and opioid addiction numbers are probably a good proxy for measuring female bad behavior.

But soon, even the most desperate old bag is going to grow so insane with Jew brainwashing that they’ll start divorcing their beta providers, taking even that raw deal out of the cards.

Then marriage will disappear for good.

Until we win, that is.