Diversity: North Korean Minority in Japan Still Hardcore Nationalist After Four Generations

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
November 6, 2017

You can take the Korean out of Korea, but you can’t take the Korea out of the Korean. Or something like that.

Ok, so here’s how it works.

You can take any random jungle primitive out of his backwater country, bring him to the United States, and with only minor encouragements, he’ll promptly become a computer analyst, embrace secular humanism and start worshiping the constitution and the founding fathers.

That’s a fact.

And if any part of this process doesn’t work out, there can only be one possible explanation: invisible, brutal, systemic racism on the part of the existing population.

This is why the fourth generation Korean immigrants are now completely integrated into Japanese society.

Oh, wait.

Japan Times:

The children, gathered in rows on a school field in Tokyo, crouch and then reach up in unison, waving red, white and blue banners to form a North Korean flag as the school band plays an emotional rendition of a song for their “motherland.”

This is Japan? And they’re not wearing gym bloomers? Sacrilege!

They are third- and fourth-generation descendants of Koreans, including many who were forcibly taken from their homeland to labor in mines and factories during Japan’s colonial rule of the Korean Peninsula from 1910 until its 1945 defeat in World War II.

Though many have become citizens of Japan or South Korea, the students’ families remain loyal to their heritage, choosing to send their children to one of some 60 private schools aligned with North Korea, teaching the culture and history.

Despite recent North Korean missile launches, including two that flew over Japan, students and graduates of the schools say they take pride in their community and view it as a haven from the discrimination they face in Japan.

“We do things together, and we help each other,” Ha Yong Na, a 16-year-old mix of giggles and poise, said as she demonstrated her Korean dance moves with a classmate.

Here, portraits of the late North Korean leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il hang on classroom walls. Teachers instruct in the language of their ancestry, and Japanese and English are offered as foreign languages. The cafeteria serves kimchee for lunch.

About 450,000 ethnic Koreans live in Japan, and several thousand attend such schools.

Koreans and the Japanese are a hell of a lot closer to each other than Blacks or Moslems are to us, and yet they’ve completely failed to assimilate after decades of living among each other.

Really makes those gears spin.

But then again, maybe everything’ll work out if we just wait for a few hundred years. After all, Blacks have been in America for over 200 years now.


Well, maybe a few thousand years will do the trick, then. After all, we’ve got a great success story with the Jews fully integrating into our society.

It took over 2000 years, but now they’re fully integrated.

Never mind that last example.

The point is, foreign racial groups are sure to integrate at some point. I mean, we still have at least 10100 years left until the heat death of the universe. I’m sure if we’re patient, we’ll figure it out.