Diversity Macht Frei Blog Banned from WordPress!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 9, 2019

Bizarrely, the “this site has been banned” page you get when you try to access Diversity Macht Frei has a cheering crowd. Is that a cheering crowd of Jews? 

A blog that we’ve syndicated articles from for nearly as long as the Daily Stormer has been online, Diversity Macht Frei, has finally been kicked off of WordPress.com.

This comes after the banning of Chateau Heartise from that site last month.

WordPress had long been a holdout defender of free speech, to the point where when I was banned from absolutely everything in August of 2017 (even having my actual website stolen from me by Google, because Google is a private company and private companies have a right to steal whichever websites they want), WordPress allowed me to have a blog there and write about the experience of being banned.

But everyone has now folded.


There is no longer any home for free speech on the internet.

And there is no evidence that anything is going to get any better. In fact, the exact opposite is true. Now that we’re at the point where basic cuckservatives like Steven Crowder and instrumental music are getting cracked down on by the major social media companies, we’re going to now start seeing this kicked up to the next level.

And we already know what the next level is: it’s what they did to me. They will start taking people’s websites away. They will use the exact same argument they use for kicking people off of social media: the website registrars are private companies, so it’s their choice if they want to bow to media harassment and start stealing people’s websites. (In reality, it isn’t really their choice, because if they don’t bow to the pressure the media will figure out ways to destroy their business.)

But that is the next step.

I laughed when Paul Joseph Watson said that the future for political dissidents would be running websites. Because as soon as social media is cleansed, the Jewish media is going to pivot to demanding that websites be shut down as quickly as they pivoted to child trannies after gay marriage was legalized.

I’ve Seen the Future Brother, It is Murder

This entire plan is very bad. Bloomberg recently printed an article about how internet censorship leads to violence – of course, they were only talking about it outside of the West in those evil “autocratic regimes.” But it is an eternal truism. And I won’t be at all surprised when car bombs start going off in Silicon Valley. And when various other forms of political violence start happening more and more often.

A project to censor half or more of the entire population of America seems very poorly thought through on the part of the media and the government.

But this is what’s happening.

I have a big article entitled “Internet 2024” that I’m going to put out soon and paint you a picture of what we’re looking at in the future, but I’ll give a little summary of that here.

Right now, there are media-hated websites like 4chan, 8chan, Gab, Bitchute and Infowars that are still using normal web services, and they are going to be the first targets when the website censorship starts. And it will work.

Then, slowly, everything else that the media doesn’t like will be removed. We will see the same process of websites being dropped that we’ve seen with social media being locked down.

Then, when there is absolutely nothing left anywhere, they will roll up the shills like Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin, and there just won’t be any alternative thought left on the internet at all.

This is the slippery slope on steroids.

People should have stood with the Daily Stormer, but they didn’t, so everyone’s fate is now sealed. Censorship isn’t a monster you can ever feed enough. It just keeps eating.

Thus far, the Daily Stormer is the only site that is really prepared for this coming new order of the internet. We have a Tor site that is solidly hosted and very strong, and more than half of our audience is already on it. We also rely entirely on bitcoin for funding (please donate) and can keep all of this going indefinitely.

So we will abide.

Men among the ruins.

The good news is that the dark web is much more well-developed now than it was in 2017. And it is basically ready to simply become an alternate internet, which is used by everyone who has any interest in anything other than the mainstream Jewish narrative.

The Tor Browser works great, and a Tor service has been added to Brave Browser, which has become the go-to web browser for a lot of people. There are also great Tor apps on both Android and iOS. (All links in that sentence can be clicked to download said applications.)

Our Tor site works just as fast, if not faster than our normieweb site.

I would advise all of you to start using it immediately for your regular reading of this site.


As far as Diversity Macht Frei (and Chateau Heartise for that matter), I would be happy to publish their material here at the Daily Stormer. They can both contact me if they’re interested.