Diversity is Their Strength: Ethiopian Mud Empire in Crisis

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
August 26, 2018

There’s more than 80 different ethnic groups in Ethiopia. Such a diverse, vibrant combination sure must be enough to make an empire out of all the strength they must have gained from it, right?

Al Jazeera:

The International Committee of the Red Cross says nearly one million Ethiopians have been forced to flee their homes after a surge in local violence.

You see, these are niggers… they all look pretty much the same.

That is, like cartoon apes.

They all behave pretty much the same too.

That is, like agents of Chaos.

So what’s up with them not getting along?

The answer is simple: what’s been up with them since the dawn of Time.

Their imperative is destruction, not creation. Because of their very nature, their capacity for colaboration is very limited, even among themselves.

They’re always one waddyalookinat away from a Chimp Out.

In contrast, our capacity to cooperate is so strong, that we’ve been able to build the greatest country in the history of mankind in a land where mudmanoids only smoked herbs and ate mushrooms while they waited for their next human sacrifice. In fact, we built the best countries in history.

Every place we’ve been to for a period of time, it’s better because of it. Take a look at countries that were colonies of some European force, and compare those to the ones that were never under European rule.

We’re good for this world.

Our creative spirit and will to create has been carrying everyone else.

The industrial revolution, science, culture, technology. Anything and everything you can think of, we’ve built, we’ve originated. Every piece of equipment and knowledge people across the world rely on nowadays has been a product of the inventiveness of our people. Our gift to everyone else.

We’re the best at creation, period.

Do you feel appreciated, though?

There are others who are also worthy of their place on Earth, such as Japanese, Koreans, and Chinese. They built great things, but nothing as great as what we did and what we continue to do. Their strength doesn’t lie so much in creativity but in their industriousness. They’re very productive. They don’t waste time or money on trannies, faggots, dindus, beaners, and have a decent amount of natural anti-bodies against kikes. They too have a strong capacity for cooperation.

Associating with people like them is beneficial for both sides because we both gain something from our interactions. Our strengths get added together, and we grow stronger as our individual weaknesses lose their effect.

The thing about cooperation is that it doesn’t work if who you’re cooperating with doesn’t cooperate back. It’s funny putting it that way, because it’s obvious. Cooperation requires reciprocity, otherwise it wouldn’t be cooperation but you wasting your time helping someone else and getting nothing in return.

In the case of niggers, though, you do get something in return.

The problem is that what you get in return is an absolute negative.

It’s life-threatening.

They never learned to cooperate among themselves, and we shouldn’t expect them to be able to cooperate with us. This is beyond their potential utility or lack of thereof, it’s about usability.

It doesn’t matter how much cotton niggers can pick in theory if they never get to it in practice. Sure, they might have enough IQ to drive a truck and collect trash around the city, but the moment someone looks at them the wrong way they go off and crash the truck in a fit of rage.

Why put up with them in the first place if they can’t even put up with themselves?

How can they be valuable if they can’t even value themselves?

We move forward, we learn.

They are not our problem, and we shouldn’t make them our problem by letting them in.