Dissemination of Our Memes is the Key to Victory

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
October 22, 2018

One of the main reasons why our movement has successfully moved the world in a more favorable direction is because of our vastly superior message. Unlike what we hear from the Jewish press, our messaging is based on truthful and objective realities. These truths make our message far more powerful than any of the lies that are consistently pumped out by the hissing vipers in the Jewish media.

Proof of this can be found in our memes. These are not ideas devised by a group of corporate stooges getting paid six figure salaries to develop marketing campaigns. Our memes have manifested organically and spread because of the truth that they represent. There is also a humorous aspect to many of our memes that is absent in the lies spread by our Jewish enemies.

The most recent example of this phenomenon is the non-playable character or NPC meme. The meme accurately mocks the unthinking masses of soulless flesh-bags who continuously regurgitate falsehoods put out by the Jewish media. Even if a new concept contradicts a previous concept that they were told to accept, they are intellectually incapable of critically analyzing the logical fallacy. It’s a direct comparison to a non-playable character in a video game that can only return a limited set of scripted responses to the player.

It’s as if the NPC’s brain receives regular software updates and each update ensures that they are unaware of any logical fallacy ever existing. And if someone tries to explain the logical fallacy to them, they immediately lash out in emotional rage. It’s like they have an embedded default response function programmed inside their brain by a software engineer.

Not only is the meme true, but the concept itself is quite humorous.

Compare that to some of the forced memes that have been pushed on us by Jews.

  • Trump supporters are Russian bots.
  • Women must be believed.
  • 6,000,000 Jews died in the Holocaust.
  • Iraq has weapons of mass destruction.
  • Diversity is strength.
  • Bashar Al-Assad gasses his own people.

The one thing that these memes have in common is that they are humorless concepts based on lies. The only reason why a significant number of people have believed these lies is because the Jews control all the major vehicles used to force these memes down everyone’s throat. What they lack in truth, they make up for with the billions of dollars in infrastructure that they have to spread these lies. And by repeating these lies over and over again, the lies become truth in the minds of people.

While this is well-known to most of our readers, it is worth repeating that nearly all of the major corporate media outlets are run by Jews. For instance, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and the New York Times are all run or controlled by Jews in some capacity. The same is true for the big social media sites like Facebook and YouTube. Even Twitter, which is not run by a Jew, has Jews playing a significant role in what type of content is and is not allowed on the site.

Despite having dominance over the infrastructure used to spread ideas to the masses, they’ve suffered some major defeats over the past few years. The Jews greatly underestimated the power that social media sites were giving to independent content creators. Many individuals armed with just a computer and an Internet connection began having the capability to articulate alternative ideas to large audiences. Random people began having the media influence once only afforded to large newspapers and television stations.

It’s why in 2016, the British people voted in favor of Brexit even with the Jewish media warning of great disasters if passed. It’s also why Donald Trump won the presidency despite the Jewish media covering Trump in the most negative way imaginable. These were the catalysts that have led to a rise in populist and nationalist politics throughout the Western world.

These developments have caused the Jews to take what has been happening on social media far more seriously. It’s why over the past few years they have been conducting a systematic purge of popular right-wing content creators from their sites using whatever dubious excuse they can come up with. They realize that our memes are far more powerful than their forced memes. This is why they are actively trying to deprive us of the vehicles which would best help spread our ideas.

Ending Jewish control over this infrastructure needs to be a priority for our movement. They have control over what is undeniably the most awesome propaganda force the world has ever known.

But as bad as this situation is, it is far from hopeless. The ridiculous censorship practices employed by these big Jewish social media sites has made the problem extremely obvious. It has now become a major subject discussed in mainstream Republican circles. Trump himself has said that he is looking into the issue and it is likely that he will tackle the problem in the very near future. His 2020 campaign is dependent on solving it so there is a very good chance that it will get addressed.

Simply having the ability to disseminate our memes and ideas on a level playing field will ensure a path to victory.

In the 1980s movie “The Running Man” the people quickly turned on the media after the network’s satellite signal got hacked and the resistance exposed their lies.

A similar thing will happen once we are able to wrestle control of these propaganda systems away from the Jews. Just look at what we’ve managed to accomplish without access to these systems and just imagine what we will accomplish with access.

The possibilities are limitless.